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London’s dead to be moved to Brookwood for HS2

The huge numbers of dead bodies that were removed from a gravesite behind Euston station to clear it for HS2 are to be reburied at Brookwood Cemetery, in Surrey.

Euston station’s 1960s parcel ramp demolished for HS2

A large space occupied by a beautifully ugly road ramp at Euston station has been cleared to make way for new HS2 platforms.

HS2 wins court case over Euston tunnels design

HS2 has won a court case which threatened to seriously alter their plans to dig train tunnels to Euston station.

Avoid Euston station in the evenings next week

We’re all supposed to be avoiding rail travel anyway, but you should really avoid London Euston station in the evenings next week, and especially next Thursday.

A new London Underground entrance for Euston Station

One of the many things that HS2 will deliver to Euston is a new London Underground entrance in a much needed location – south of the Euston Road.

HS2 triggers the final voyage for Australia explorer

The remains of an explorer discovered during the clearance preparations for HS2 at Euston is to be reburied in his home town.

More evidence that HS2 is more about capacity than speed

A submission into the HS2 review has found that over 50 stations that are not part of the HS2 network will be able to offer more train services once HS2 is built.

Giant “sugar cube” to house London Underground ventilation systems

Hidden away on side streets in Euston, will soon be a giant glazed cube that’ll housing ventilation systems for the Northern line.

Have you seen the Victoria Cross memorial in Euston station

In the middle of Euston station is a memorial to a brave man who was awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions in WW1.

London Underground getting a new entrance at Euston station

As Euston mainline station is to be closed over Easter due to works on the railway north of London, they’re also going to make some changes to the station itself as well.

No trains out of Euston Station over the Easter weekend

If you’re planning an weekend break out of London via Euston station this Easter, think of a different place to visit.

Remains of Cpt. Matthew Flinders, Australia explorer discovered behind Euston Station

For a long time, there was an urban myth that Cpt. Flinders was buried under platform 15 at Euston station. Now they know the real location of his real burial place.

London Underground building a glazed cube at Euston

A rather tired old office block is to be replaced with a large glazed cube which will be disguising a new ventilation shaft for the Northern line tunnels at Euston.