List of Historical Anniversaries

I often wonder what significant anniversaries are due at some point in the future as some of them might be of interest as triggers for blog posts or visits somewhere. However, it is often difficult to find out quickly what events have significant anniversaries - hence this section on the website.

By "significant anniversaries", I mean dates that are not, for example, the 73rd anniversary of something, but the 50th, 100th, 200th etc.

It should help to flag up interesting events.

Significant anniversaries during August 2018

10th Barry George was acquitted of the murder of Jill Dando. (1st Aug 2008)
20th First RFID human implantation tested in the United Kingdom. (24th Aug 1998)
20th Omagh bomb in Northern Ireland, the worst terrorist incident of The Troubles (15th Aug 1998)
25th The Department of Health reveals that the number of people on hospital waiting lists has reached 1 million for the first time. (11th Aug 1993)
25th Labour Party leader John Smith opens Millwall F.C.'s New Den stadium in London, which is the largest new football stadium to be built in England since before World War II. (4th Aug 1993)
30th Postal workers walk out on strike over a dispute concerning bonuses paid to recruit new workers in London and the South East. (31st Aug 1988)
30th 14-year-old Matthew Sadler becomes Britain's youngest international chess master. (29th Aug 1988)
30th New licensing laws allow pubs to stay open all day in England and Wales. (22nd Aug 1988)
30th New licensing laws allow pubs to stay open all day in England and Wales. (22nd Aug 1988)
30th The Troubles: Eight British Army soldiers are killed and 28 wounded when their bus is hit by a Provisional Irish Republican Army roadside bomb in Northern Ireland (see Ballygawley bus bombing). (20th Aug 1988)
30th The first child (Princess Beatrice) of The Duke and Duchess of York is born at Portland Hospital in London. (8th Aug 1988)
40th U.S. Army Sergeant Walter Robinson "walks" across the English Channel in 11 hours 30 minutes, using homemade water shoes. (25th Aug 1978)
40th gunmen open fire on an Israeli El Al airline bus in London. (20th Aug 1978)
50th British Rail's last steam train service runs on the standard gauge: steam locomotives make the 314-mile return passenger journey from Liverpool to Carlisle before being dispatched to the scrapyard or preservation. (11th Aug 1968)
50th Royal Navy Leander-class frigate HMS Scylla is launched at Devonport, the last ship to be built in a Royal Dockyard. (8th Aug 1968)
60th Notting Hill race riots in London. (30th Aug 1958)
60th Southern Television, the ITV franchise for South Central and South East England goes on the air. (30th Aug 1958)
60th Project Emily: The first United States Thor missile is delivered to the UK, for operation by No. 77 Squadron RAF at RAF Feltwell. (29th Aug 1958)
60th Brojen Das from Bangladesh swims across the English Channel in a competition, as the first Bangali as well as the first Asian to ever do it. He became first among 39 competitors. (18th Aug 1958)
60th Premiere of Carry on Sergeant, the first Carry On film. (1st Aug 1958)
80th English cricketer Len Hutton sets a world record for the highest individual Test innings of 364, during a Test match against Australia. (23rd Aug 1938)
80th Great Britain and the United States contest the inaugural Amateur World Series in baseball, played in the north of England. Britain wins every match. (13th Aug 1938)
90th in Paisley, May Donoghue finds the remains of a snail in her ginger beer, leading to the landmark negligence case Donoghue v. Stevenson. (26th Aug 1928)
100th strike of 20,000 London policemen with demands of increased pay and union recognition. (30th Aug 1918)
100th Education Act raises the school leaving age in England and Wales to fourteen. (1st Aug 1918)
150th Abergele train disaster kills 32 passengers and a fireman. (20th Aug 1868)
175th Sarah Dazley, the last woman to be executed in public in England, is hanged for murder outside Bedford Prison (5th Aug 1843)
250th Captain James Cook sets sail from England on board HMS Endeavour. (26th Aug 1768)
600th Hundred Years' War: English capture Cherbourg. (22nd Aug 1418)
700th Treaty of Leake between Edward II and Earl of Lancaster, agreeing on control of administration. (9th Aug 1318)


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