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An introduction to Japan’s most famous alcoholic drink, sake, or, as it is known in Japan, nihonshu.
11am to 12pm
 Nihonshu: Sake Brewery Visit and Introduction
This talk by City Guide Jill Finch explores that medieval precinct, the buildings it contained and the events it saw that made history.
2pm to 3pm
The Medieval Precinct of St Paul’s Cathedral
A virtual tour of this new exhibition exploring some of our never-seen-before curiosities revealing previously hidden stories from the history of medicine and beyond.
6pm to 7pm
RCP Unseen: digital launch
As automatic and interactive computer theorem provers become more powerful, should mathematical researchers begin to worry that they will soon be out of a job?
6pm to 7pm
Will Computers Outsmart Mathematicians?
Drawing on the personal papers of both the star and the director, this illustrated talk explores the remarkable personal and professional relationship that endured for decades
6:30pm to 7:30pm
Alfred Hitchcock and Cary Grant

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