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A festival of vintage computer games at the Science Museum

A long cavernous space within the Science Museum has been filled with over 160 retro computer games, from the earliest Pong to fairly recent 3D virtual reality headsets.

Ticket Alert: An audience with Britain’s first astronaut

Later this month marks the 25th anniversary of the UK’s first female astronaut blasting into space, and she will be at the Science Museum for a talk/question session.

The birth of photography at the Science Museum

The ending of the first Industrial Revolution marked the birth of another, the Information Revolution — in the form of the first photographs, and to mark that revolution, a new exhibition has opened at the Science Museum.

The world’s oldest clock museum reopens

A museum collection that is a shade over 200 years old has moved to a new home, and been given a makeover of how the objects are displayed.

Did Leonardo da Vinci invent the Tunnel Boring Machine?

The quick answer is no — not as we know them today — but the longer answer is sort of, maybe.

That Magnificent Leonardo and his Amazing Machines

An exhibition of dual historical significance has come to the Science Museum, as huge models of Leonardo da Vinci’s wonderous imagination go on display.

Ticket Alert – Buzz Aldrin in Conversation with Brian Cox

A chance to hear from the second man to step foot on the moon, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who will be at the Science Museum later this month.

Ada Lovelace gets her own gallery at the Science Museum

To mark the 200th anniversary of her birth, the Science Museum has opened a small gallery devoted the “mother of computing”, Ada Lovelace.

Churchill’s Scientists at the Science Museum

Not literally, as they are all dead now, and that would be rather macabre, but there is an exhibition about what the scientists did when alive.

The Soviet space race arrives in London

It can scarce have escaped your notice that the Soviets have invaded London. Less keeping calm and carrying on though, than get excited and rush over to the Science Museum.

Computer generated steam train arrives at the Science Museum

A computer generated 3D film about the record breaking, and still record holding, Mallard steam locomotive has arrived at the Science Museum.

Museum Meals – Science Museum

A new gallery opened recently in the Science Museum, and a week after Her Majesty sent her first tweet, I wandered in to have a look as well.

The mathematical secrets of The Simpsons and Futurama

If you are a Simspons (and/or Futurama) fan, then the Science Museum is laying on an event that may appeal.

Science Museum to Open New Communications Gallery

This October, the Science Museum will launch what it says will be the first permanent gallery in the UK dedicated to the history of information and communication technologies.

Cmdr Hadfield visits London’s Science Museum

If you’re a guitar playing, book plugging astronaut, then one of the best places in London other than a bookshop to sell books is probably the Science Museum.

Three Enigma Machines on display in the Science Museum

A temporary exhibition has been set up in the Science Museum to that increasing icon of computing, Alan Turning.

Peering inside NASA’s Apollo 10 Command Module

In a Science Museum gallery next to, but not in the space gallery, is a relic of the Space Race, the command module used in the Apollo 10 mission to to the moon. That was the final test run before

Watt gets a dedicated display in the Science Museum?

Watt gets a dedicated display in the Science Museum! I don’t know, what gets a dedicated display in the Science Museum? Yes, Watt does. I don’t know, what gets a display? Argh! OK – silly and very obvious joke aside