Crossrail Elizabeth Line - Latest news, articles and photos

Crossrail Elizabeth Line - Latest news, articles and photos

The new East-West railway running through central London – due to open in 2022.

Crossrail offers a virtual tour around Farringdon station

There’s something new on the Crossrail website, a virtual tour of the completed Farringdon station.

Farringdon’s Elizabeth line station construction completed

The Crossrail parts of Farringdon Station have completed construction activity, and are now in the process of being handed over to TfL.

Crossrail gets its funding to complete the railway

Crossrail has secured the funding it needs to complete the railway, after the government approved plans by the GLA to borrow £825 million against future income.

Crossrail confirms on target for Trial Running early next year

Crossrail has confirmed that it’s on target to start trial running of trains through the tunnels as soon as possible next year following successful tests in the past few weeks.

Crossrail could be “mothballed” without urgent funding

Crossrail is seeking an extra £80 million in short term funding to keep the project on track, otherwise construction works could be mothballed until an agreement is reached.

A multicoloured makeover for Crossrail Place footbridge

The airport-style footbridge at Canary Wharf connecting to the future Elizabeth line station has been given a brightly coloured makeover.

Crossrail could open central tunnels as soon as late 2021

Crossrail is currently expected to open in the first half of 2022, but there is a possibility that it could open by the end of next year — if the transport stars align correctly.

Crossrail extension may be dependent on theme park developer

A suggested extension of the Elizabeth line deep into Kent could hinge on the opening of a large leisure park at Swanscome.

Crossrail works could pause without funding agreement

The funding agreement for Crossrail’s overspend will need to be resolved in the next week or two if it is to avoid winding down some of the completion works.

Governance of the Crossrail programme transfers to TfL

TfL has taken direct control of the Crossrail project away from the arms-length approach that had been in place during the construction of the railway.

Plans advance for an extra Crossrail station at Kensal Green

The slumbering plans for an additional Crossrail station to be built in North Kensington have taken a modest step forward.

New Crossrail photos released

Crossrail has released a handful of new photos showing the status of some of their stations and how people are working to complete construction of the railway.

Crossrail delayed to 2022 and faces higher costs

Crossrail has announced another delay, and now does not expect the central core of the tunnels to be open until the first half of 2022 – compared to the already delayed opening that had been expected in the summer of 2021.

Crossrail to miss Summer 2021 launch due to lockdown delays

Crossrail has today confirmed that it will miss the “summer 2021” opening date that had been expected, due to delays caused by the Covid lockdown.

Paddington station reopens western exit following Crossrail works

One of the two western entrances at Paddington station that was closed during Crossrail works has reopened.

Crossrail is leaving Finsbury Circus gardens

Ten years after Crossrail took over the site, Finsbury Circus gardens will be reopening to the public next month.

Crossrail seeks an additional £140 million for surface works

Crossrail is likely to need an additional £140 million to complete its surface railway works, a Ministerial written statement has confirmed.

Crossrail’s 5-week blockade to catch up with lockdown backlog

Crossrail has confirmed that it plans to pause all train testing in the tunnels during August to allow the construction teams to catch up with the backlog caused by the Covid lockdown.