All the news from London’s museums

Heritage Buses to Run Through London this Sunday

One of London’s bus operating companies has decided to urge people to get off the bus and walk along one of its bus routes. No, not some weird request to reduce overcrowding during the Olympics, but a bit of heritage

Mind the Map at the Transport Museum

London’s underground railway can not unreasonably be summed up in two icons – tube trains and that famous map. Now the Transport Museum has put on a display of the famous tube map, from its early days through the Becks

Ride in a 1938 era tube train at the Rickmansworth Festival

The annual Rickmansworth Festival is in a couple of weeks time, and as usual, the London Transport Museum will be there with vintage buses to ferry people between Rickmansworth Station and the Festival at Batchworth Lock. Also, the restored 1938

A history of Royal Pageantry along the Thames

With the Royal Pageant taking place in a couple of months, it is opportune to learn a bit about the history of such grand events which were often the closest the great unwashed would get to see their Regal masters

Animal Inside Out – the Body Worlds exhibition at the Natural History Museum

If you are a large museum in a large city, it is now mandatory to have a blockbuster show lain on for the summer months to lure in the paying customers – and this summer, the Natural History Museum have

A look around the Vestry House Museum

Built in 1730 as a workhouse for the poor, and situated in a secluded side street sits what is today the Vestry House Museum. Workhouses were forced labour venues for the poor at a time when the Christian admonition above

Museums by Appointment – The London Scottish Regimental Museum

Part of an occasional series where I visit museums that are open to the public, but only if you have contacted them first and arranged a time to visit. Museums by Appointment. — Opposite the glass and steel head office

Museums by Appointment – The British Airways Heritage Collection

Part of an occasional series where I visit museums that are open to the public, but only if you have contacted them first and arranged a time to visit. Museums by Appointment. — The British Airways Heritage Collection is based

Museum of London wants a glass pyramid on its roof

Observed a planning application notice next to the Museum of London the other day proposing a new “pyramid atrium on the main roof of the museum”. Oh hello, are we about to get some Louvre-esque Pyramid in London! Sadly, not.

Luggage racks from the old Met Line trains for sale

Possibly a slightly expensive gift for the commuting transport geek in your family, but the Transport Museum has grabbed a load of the old luggage racks that used to appear in the soon-to-vanish A Stock trains that spent the past

Mummers, Maypoles and Milkmaids

An exhibition and a book all rolled into one – and the exhibition is basically excerpts from the book, so if feeling frugal, the exhibition is a cut-down version of the book to save you buying it. Book author and

Pay a visit to South London’s famous stuffed Walrus

If you inherit a company from your dad, and build it up to become the world’s largest tea trading business, you might be inclined to start collecting things as you travel around. Such a person was Frederick John Horniman who

A Dickens exhibition at the Museum of London

Later this week, the first major Dickens themed exhibition in London since the 1970s opens its doors to the paying public, and starts a year of Dickens this, Dickens that and more Dickens over here as everyone tries to jump

A preview of the Natural History Museum’s exhibitions in 2012

The Natural History Museum — that South Kensington terracotta palace to science — showed off its plans for major exhibitions next year and running into 2013, and I am relieved to say, no attempt to do a tie-in with the

Attempts to close the London Fire Brigade Museum

A few days ago I was approached on Twitter to sign a petition protesting against plans to close the London Fire Brigade Museum. I demurred from the request mainly as the petition presented no independent evidence that such a plan

Your chance to visit an abandoned tube station

Prepare to squeal in delight as the Transport Museum delivers an early Christmas present. The closed down Aldwych tube station by The Strand is opening to the public again for a rare chance to go down and see this famous

More details of London Underground’s 150th Anniversary Events

You may recall that the Transport Museum has secured a grant to restore an old carriage in time for the 150th anniversary of the London Underground, which takes place in 2013. A few more details have been released by London

A New Gallery is Opened at the Natural History Museum

A new gallery opened last week at the Natural History Museum — the Images of Nature gallery — which as they put it showcases “the Museum’s world-famous collection of natural history artworks”. Basically, a display of mainly scientific drawings, and