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A chat with the Top Man at Transport for London

An offer of a whole hour with Peter Hendy, Commissioner of TfL is not something that happens that often, so the offer of a “bloggers briefing” was quite an opportunity. As such, three of London’s scribes found themselves in a

Crossrail exhibition at the Building Centre

A couple of weeks ago, a small exhibition opened at the Building Centre with images of how the Crossrail stations are expected to look in 2017 when the railway eventually opens to the public. For me, a good train station

Photographing the Wharncliffe Railway Viaduct

Trains to and from Paddington Station have to traverse a wide, but quite shallow valley near Ealing, and here stands one of Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s great constructions – a massive brick viaduct – known as the Wharncliffe Viaduct (google maps).

Talk: Stations of the London Metropolis

Tuesday evening found the subterranean lecture hall at the Transport Museum almost filled up as Oliver Green gave an introductory talk about his latest pocket book – and it is actually designed to fit in a pocket – about the

Clean up the Canary Wharf station names confusion

Anyone who makes extensive use of the Jubilee Line and DLR in the Canary Wharf area will be well aware that only tourists/visitors would ever try to switch between the Canary Wharf stations on each line, as Herron Quays on

For 2 weeks only – alternative tube maps on display

Imagine for a moment if the familiar tube map didn’t have to look the way it does today. How could it look if we sat down and gave it a fundamental rethink? That question is the long running obsession of

50th anniversary of Bank Station’s travolator

You might not have noticed it, but today marks a very special anniversary on the London Underground – it is the 50th anniversary of the travelator at Bank tube station. This, not just the first moving walkway on the London

The Aldwych Tube Station Blitz Experience

First things first, as they say. Tickets to this event sold out yonks ago. However, if you don’t mind the risk of getting nothing after a day of hanging around, and consuming vast quantities of coffee while you wait, then

A museum for the Emergency Services?

Reading this morning that the hanger sized grey monolith that will become the media centre for the Olympic games in 2012 faces an uncertain future got me pondering an idea I had some time ago. On my visit to the

Take a trip in a 1938 tube train

Unexpected – as the poor thing has been rather ill recently – but the lovingly restored 1938 era tube train will be taking trips along the tube network in a couple of weeks time, and you can be on it.