Things to do in London in January 2021

The ianVisits guide to January's unusual events, tours, lectures and exhibitions happening around London.

Coronavirus: Events may be cancelled and venues closed at short notice, you are advised to check on their websites before making a trip.

Friday 1st January

Unfortunately, there seems to be nothing special happening today. Sorry about that!

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Saturday 2nd January

Unfortunately, there seems to be nothing special happening today. Sorry about that!

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Sunday 3rd January

Unfortunately, there seems to be nothing special happening today. Sorry about that!

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Monday 4th January

Unfortunately, there seems to be nothing special happening today. Sorry about that!

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Tuesday 5th January

Online events / webinars

We will also ask: why are bells bell-shaped? What properties of this shape create the sound of a bell, and by what amount should we scale the size of a bell to produce changes in pitch?
1pm to 2pm
The Mathematics of Bell Ringing
Hear the story of how Music Hall developed in London and about some of the people who were part of this
3pm to 4pm
Virtual Tour -  Lost Empires: The rise and fall of Music Hall in London
This talk explores the intersection of queer and Holocaust history through the example of an enforced relationship between two women, a guard and a Jewish woman, in a concentration camp in winter 1945.
5:15pm to 7pm
Sexuality in the concentration camps: Aspects of an enforced female relationship

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Wednesday 6th January

Online events / webinars

This lecture explores how high-risk professionals can share insights relevant to medicine, helping clinicians to develop essential skills.
6pm to 7pm
What Surgeons Can Learn from Polar Explorers and Fighter Pilots
A talk by Brian Parsons who, with Hugh Meller, has completed a new edition of their well-known compendium of London Cemeteries
6:30pm to :
New Insights into London Cemeteries

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Thursday 7th January

Online events / webinars

Dr Wallis will discuss post-mortems in private homes in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
2:45pm to 3:30pm
Post mortems in private houses in the 19th and 20th centuries
There are a surprising number of closed railway lines and stations in London. Join Stephen to explore some lost and forgotten railways.
3pm to 4pm
Virtual Tour - Passengers No More: lost and forgotten railways of London
A talk about how the UK secured fuel supplies during WW2.
6:30pm to :
In The Dark: Fuelling the War

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Friday 8th January

Online events / webinars

Join David Crane online as he discusses the forgotten story behind the making of the cemeteries of the First World War.
12pm to :
Empires of the Dead
In this 2-part online course, Mary Wild will turn to psychoanalytic theory to establish the interpretive framework of David Bowie’s music videos and filmography.
2pm to 5pm
PROJECTIONS: David Bowie Music Videos and Filmography

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Saturday 9th January

Online events / webinars

In this 2-part online course, Mary Wild will turn to psychoanalytic theory to establish the interpretive framework of David Bowie’s music videos and filmography.
2pm to 5pm
PROJECTIONS: David Bowie Music Videos and Filmography

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Sunday 10th January

Online events / webinars

Let Viktor Wynd tuck you into bed and tell you strange Irish Fairy Tales with a changeling, Mermaid, talking corpse & of course real fairies Tickets by Donation - 50% of Donations will go straight
9pm to 10pm
Bed Time Stories With Viktor Wynd

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Monday 11th January

Online events / webinars

ICE archivist, Carol Morgan, relives the history of the Institution and its famous headquarters.
6pm to 7pm
The history of ICE & One Great George Street
This lecture will look at the role of the so-called 'perverse jury' in acquitting defendants where the law, or the charge itself, is deemed unjust.
6pm to 7pm
The Political Jury
The story of Jews in London. A virtual tour that takes you from the ghetto of the middle ages through to the East End of the 20th century
7pm to 8pm
Jewish London Virtual Tour

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Tuesday 12th January

Online events / webinars

This paper will discuss the role and significance of the lecherous Jew in eighteenth-century British print culture.
5:15pm to 7pm
The Circumcis’d: Representations of the Jewish Lecher 1660-1800
The interconnectivity of living organisms and the planet is brought to light through the development of digital intelligence of the planet.
6pm to 7pm
Connected Knowledge
Nobel laureate Frank Wilczek reveals the ten profound insights that illuminate what everyone should know about the physical world.
7pm to 8:30pm
Fundamentals: ten keys to reality
Based on a new approach and using new sources, this talk will demonstrate how Jewish women and men performed countless acts of resistance in Nazi Germany proper between 1933 and 1945.
7pm to 8pm

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Wednesday 13th January

Online events / webinars

Join Professor Cristina Lo Celso as she looks at Leukaemia and blood stem cells under the microscope
5:30pm to 6:30pm
Battles in the bone marrow
This talk will consider the situations where screening can help, where it does harm, and why these are usually predictable.
6pm to 7pm
Screening: When is it Useful, When is it Not?

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Thursday 14th January

Online events / webinars

The need for good quality affordable housing is critical. This webinar focuses on best practice examples being delivered across London.
10am to 11am
Delivering Affordable Housing
This talk by City Guide Robert Stephenson examines their construction and the secret of their enduring fascination with examples from abroad, the UK and in London.
2pm to 3pm
Labyrinths around the World and in London
De Morgan curator, Sarah Hardy, will give an overview of De Morgan artwork and tell us more about the thrilling and little-known history of the De Morgan Collection.
3pm to :
Hear about the conservation treatments carried out on an extraordinary music collection.
4pm to 5pm
The Conservation of the Gresham’s Music Collection
At this seminar Jack Straw will reflect on the role of Foreign Secretary with Sir David Manning, foreign policy adviser to Tony Blair from 2001 to 2003.
6pm to 7:15pm
Being Foreign Secretary
Explore the challenges for regulators and participants in the fast moving and dynamic world of influencer marketing and use of social media.
6pm to :
Influencer Marketing: Doing it right
Amelia Dyer was one of the most prolific murderers in Victorian Britain. She made a living as a “baby farmer”, or someone paid to care for unwanted or abandoned infants – except she killed around 400 of them.
6pm to 7pm
Amelia Dyer: Baby Killers
A Closer Look at Commemorative Options for Agnes Baden-Powell, the First Girl Guide.
7pm to 8pm
Green or Blue: Which Plaque to Pursue?
A talk about some of the fascinating African/Caribbean presence and stories on, in and around the river.
7pm to :
Black History on the River Thames with Tony Warner
Vicky Pope describes what goes into a cutting-edge climate model, how it is used to provide information on how and why the climate is changing and how it might change in the future.
7pm to 8:30pm
How can climate models help us respond to climate change?
A talk by 10 people on what they gain from visits to the St Bride's printing library.
7pm to 9pm
 Inspired by St Bride
An evening of Dolly! with Sarah Smarsh, who will be talking about her new book, She Come By It Natural: Dolly Parton and the Women Who Lived Her Songs with Professor Sarah Churchwell.
7:30pm to :
A Celebration of Dolly Parton with Sarah Smarsh and Sarah Churchwell
An online slideshow & Q&A about the folklore of vegetables.
8pm to 9:30pm
Folklore Of Your Five A Day. Part 1: Vegetables

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Friday 15th January

Unfortunately, there seems to be nothing special happening today. Sorry about that!

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Saturday 16th January

Unfortunately, there seems to be nothing special happening today. Sorry about that!

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Sunday 17th January

Unfortunately, there seems to be nothing special happening today. Sorry about that!

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Monday 18th January

A notice that the Thames Barrier and the Barking Barrier will have their monthly test closures today.
10am to 12:30pm
Thames and Barking barrier monthly closures

Online events / webinars

A talk about the distinctive (and controversial) stone work of 15 Clerkenwell Close.
1pm to 2pm
A Conversation between Amin Taha and Pierre Bidaud
This paper explores the story of an English engineer and art collector, who lived between England, Italy and India, working on different railway projects on the behalf of the English crown.
6pm to 7:30pm
Charles Henfrey (1818-1891) collector
This lecture considers what factors have made certain films and their makers ‘classic’; and why the fifty-year reign of Citizen Kane was ended in 2012 by Hitchcock’s eerie melodrama Vertigo.
6pm to 7pm
What Makes a Film Classic?

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Tuesday 19th January

Online events / webinars

Max Fordham will bring together speakers to explore the crucial role of retrofitting in achieving net zero carbon buildings.
10am to 11am
Should you always retrofit?
Iain Dale editor of ‘The Prime Ministers: 55 Leaders, 55 Authors, 300 Years of History’, will discuss this new book.
12pm to 1:15pm
The Prime Ministers – 300 years of Political Leadership
Join Dr Martin Brazeau to hear how new fossil discoveries are providing a unique window into the ancestry of vertebrate animals
12:30pm to 1:30pm
Science Breaks: How the shark lost its bones (and maybe why)
This paper explores the politics of remembrance through a case study of Chartism, the British mass movement for democratic and social rights in the 1830s and 1840s.
5:15pm to 7pm
Romantic Memory? Forgetting, Remembering and Feeling in the Chartist Pantheon of Heroes
This talk will explore the highs and lows of an extraordinary life and career in the context of performance history and star production in 18th-century Britain.
6:30pm to :
Kitty Clive, or the Fair Songster

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Wednesday 20th January

Online events / webinars

An introduction to Japan’s most famous alcoholic drink, sake, or, as it is known in Japan, nihonshu.
11am to 12pm
 Nihonshu: Sake Brewery Visit and Introduction
This talk by City Guide Jill Finch explores that medieval precinct, the buildings it contained and the events it saw that made history.
2pm to 3pm
The Medieval Precinct of St Paul’s Cathedral
A virtual tour of this new exhibition exploring some of our never-seen-before curiosities revealing previously hidden stories from the history of medicine and beyond.
6pm to 7pm
RCP Unseen: digital launch
As automatic and interactive computer theorem provers become more powerful, should mathematical researchers begin to worry that they will soon be out of a job?
6pm to 7pm
Will Computers Outsmart Mathematicians?
Drawing on the personal papers of both the star and the director, this illustrated talk explores the remarkable personal and professional relationship that endured for decades
6:30pm to 7:30pm
Alfred Hitchcock and Cary Grant

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Thursday 21st January

Online events / webinars

A talk about the early computer pioneers in Australia.
9:30am to 11:30am
Early Australian computer developments
Explore our history and discover the secret of our iconic building in our free online talk.
12:30pm to 1:30pm
Look inside the Bank of England
This online discussion explores the subject with acclaimed artists Bharti Kher, Sutapa Biswas, Penny Slinger and Prafulla Mohanti.
3pm to 4pm
Exploring the art of Tantra today
Join us for a roundtable event with the researchers from the Florence Nightingale Comes Home project at the University of Nottingham.
5:30pm to 6:30pm
Florence Nightingale Comes Home
A presentation of the Barking Riverside Extension project.
5:30pm to 7pm
Barking Riverside Extension – then and now
Battersea Industrial Riverfront talk
6pm to 5pm
Talk on Battersea Riverside Industrial Heritage
Science Museum Group Chief Executive Sir Ian Blatchford is joined in conversation by Labour MP Chris Bryant, author of a new book which tells the story of unsung bravery at a defining moment in Britain's history.
6:30pm to 7:30pm
 Sir Ian Blatchford in Conversation with Chris Bryant MP
See both well known buildings as well as those which you might not have come across, and although many of the photographs have been taken during 2020.
6:30pm to :
Inter-War London in Lockdown - The 1920s
The Tottenham Outrage was a two-hour police chase through North London that occurred after a bank robbery.
7pm to 8pm
The Tottenham Outrage
Join Brian Christian as he explores everything that goes wrong when we build AI systems and the people that will fix them.
7pm to 8:30pm
The alignment problem: how can machines learn human values?
The Tour will stop by the graves of many of the interesting people laid to rest in Abney Park Cemetery.
7pm to 8pm
Virtual Gothic Tour with Hackney Tours
An evening lecture to discover the Victorian Society’s annual Top 10 Endangered Buildings Campaign.
7:30pm to 8:30pm
Victorian Society's Top 10 Most Endangered Buildings list

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Friday 22nd January

Online events / webinars

From humble origins, Emma Hamilton rose to fame as a model and actress, became a political operator and networker, and, with Lord Nelson, became one of the most epic love stories of all time.
2pm to 3pm
England's Mistress: Emma Hamilton

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Saturday 23rd January

Unfortunately, there seems to be nothing special happening today. Sorry about that!

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Sunday 24th January

Unfortunately, there seems to be nothing special happening today. Sorry about that!

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Monday 25th January

Online events / webinars

This talk will emphasize the way in which Derek Jarman's garden at Prospect Cottage was for him an act of integration.
6pm to 7pm
The Integration of Derek Jarman’s Garden
This lecture takes as its starting point the complex personal history of Mary Howard, a devout Catholic and Jacobite sympathiser, who shocked society by separating from her husband in 1730.
6:30pm to :
The London Town House of Mary, Duchess of Norfolk

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Tuesday 26th January

Online events / webinars

Anna Rood explains how the natural balancing acts of rocks can help us estimate the amount of ground shaking caused by large earthquakes.
12:30pm to 1:30pm
Science Breaks: Rocking rocks and shaky earthquakes
The art of the three main ‘Bloomsbury’ artists (Duncan Grant, Vanessa Bell and Roger Fry) cannot be separated from their astonishing lives.
2pm to 3pm
The Art and Scandalous Lives of the Bloomsbury Group
Secret passages, ship timbers and spiral staircases - find out the truth behind the legends
6:30pm to 7:30pm
Mediaeval Building Myths – The Folklore & Archaeology of Historic Buildings
Join Rohin Francis as he discusses where we are now with medical science, what might come next and the blurred boundary between life and death.
7pm to 8:30pm
How far can we push the human body?
Using nineteenth-century prints and photographs from archive collections, Ian Dungavell tries to see Highgate Cemetery as the Victorians did.
7pm to :
Highgate Cemetery Through Victorian Eyes

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Wednesday 27th January

Online events / webinars

This paper focusses on the deployment of Ancient Greek and Roman imagery on civic cultural artefacts during and after the Great War.
5:15pm to 7pm
The deployment of Greco-Roman Imagery on Peace Day Souvenirs in Britain
Professor Björn Schuller charts the history of human-centred AI focusing on aspects of artificial, emotional and health intelligence.
5:30pm to 6:30pm
AI for You and I
Professor Ian Chapman and his colleagues are working to make fusion power a reality, and with the advent of ITER, the largest science experiment humankind has ever undertaken, they hope to demonstrate fusion power on a commercial scale.
6:30pm to 7:30pm
Putting the sun in a bottle: the path to delivering sustainable fusion power
Lucy Worsley is joined by Ravenmaster Christopher Skaife and historic buildings curator Jane Spooner to explore the truth behind some of the Tower of London's most famous myths and legends.
7pm to :
Myths of the Tower of London
A talk about the Mulberry Garden Project at the William Hogarth Trust.
7pm to :

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Thursday 28th January

Online events / webinars

This webinar will present lessons learned from the last 15 years of retail-led development in the capital and how the sector is planning to face future flux.
10am to 11am
Evolving retail environments: from shopping centres to revitalising the high street
Join our panel of expert speakers to discuss the collaborative global effort of the scientific community over the past year to develop the COVID-19 vaccine.
6pm to 7pm
The race for a vaccine
A book related talk on the failure of many western countries to control the Coronavirus, and what it exposes about the weaknesses of their systems of government.
6pm to 7:15pm
Wake Up: How the Pandemic exposed the Weakness of the West
A talk by Caroline Eden on her book Red Sands which navigates a course from the shores of the Caspian Sea to the sun-ripened orchards of the Fergana Valley.
6pm to 7:30pm
Red Sands with Caroline Eden
Included in this webinar is a miscellany of sites, from the disused tube stations to secret central government and military bunkers.
6:30pm to :
In The Dark: Underground London
Science broadcaster Dr Hannah Fry is joined by a panel of experts to explore the big question: how will climate change affect our future?
6:30pm to 7:45pm
Climate Change: Why Should We Care?
See well known buildings as well as those you might not have come across and some of the best interiors of that decade.
6:30pm to :
Inter-War London in Lockdown - The 1930s
The unexpected delights and fascinating characters of the West End's hidden village.
7pm to 8pm
Welcome to St James's Virtual Tour
Two guides will discuss Smithfields use as a public execution ground.
7pm to :
London's execution grounds
Archivist, Tudor Allen will use photographs, art works and archives, many from Camden’s own collections, to reveal the colourful history of Swiss Cottage.
7:30pm to 8:30pm
Swiss Cottage - an illustrated history

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Friday 29th January

Online events / webinars

With the escalating need for action to reduce emissions, both carbon and air pollution, the majority of employees now working from home full-time poses a concern for many businesses.
8:30am to 9:30am
Home working – impact on air pollution and climate emissions
This discussion brings together four architects whose designs for dachshunds and beagles are featured in the exhibition and open-source network Architecture for Dogs.
11am to 12pm
 Conversations on Architecture: Atelier Bow-Wow x MVRDV
Frances Houghton explores how British veterans have remembered, understood and shared their experiences of the Second World War.
12pm to :
British Military Memoirs of the Second World War
Hugh Smith is the Senior Wildlife Officer at the Royal Parks talks about his work in the parks.
12pm to 12:45pm
A day in the life of… a Royal Parks wildlife manager
Dan Stone discusses what the British found at Belsen in April 1945 and how they understood the camp, in the immediate post-liberation period.
2pm to 3pm
Belsen and the British
Hear the story of the pioneering composer whose scores for Bogart, Bette Davis and others paved the way for modern film music
6:30pm to 7:30pm
Max Steiner and the creation of the Hollywood Sound
A talk about how Alexander Pope establised the new national style which you will explore through his own garden at Twickenham and other gardens he influenced.
7pm to 8pm
Alexander Pope: the poet and the poetic landscape

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Saturday 30th January

Online events / webinars

Adèle Emm, author of Tracing your Female Ancestors, tells us about the women and their struggle for female emancipation.
10:30am to 11:30am
Why a Suffragist is not a Suffragette
Gary Lachman will give a book launch talk, part of a series of pocket introductions providing accessible essays on key Swedenborgian themes.
6pm to 1am
Swedenborg and the Language of Correspondences: book launch and talk with Gary Lachman

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Sunday 31st January

Online events / webinars

Join Sam Lee and Viktor Wynd for a nightcap, let them tuck you into bed, tell you fairy tales, sing ballads and a sweet lullaby on zoom
9pm to 10pm
Sam Lee & Viktor Wynd - Bed Time Ballads, Stories & a Lullaby

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