London's execution grounds

London's execution grounds
 Starts at 7:00 pm

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SMITHFIELD, the home of the London Central Meat Markets, is a notorious place of blood and butchery - human as well as animal. Join TIM KIDD and PETE SMITH on time-travelling tours through its gory history.

The Salon will be held online via the Zoom platform. Details of how to join will be emailed you before the event.

The ‘Smooth Field' on the eastern banks of the River Fleet was to become one of the capital’s richest historical areas - the market has been operating for over a thousand years and nearby is London's oldest church.

City of London historical guides TIM KIDD and PETE SMITH will investigate the area's use as a public execution ground (most famously for Christian martyrs and 'Braveheart' William Wallace) and dig deep below the buildings where traders still buy and sell meat for the capital's restaurants and shops.

We will hear of revolting peasants, subterranean secrets, some of the capital’s finest pubs and learn, too, how Londoners once managed, quite legally, to sell their wives at Smithfield.

And we will explore the area’s links to bodysnatching, ghostly goings on and the scandalous fair that lasted for over seven centuries before being suppressed by the Victorians.

Cost: £4.80

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This is an online video event, please check the organiser for details about how to watch.

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