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Photos from inside Crossrail’s Paddington Station

Sitting next to Paddington Station, a vast box has been dug down into the ground to create an impressive interchange for Crossrail commuters.

WW2 Bunker Under Clapham to Open for Regular Tours

Transport for London has secured planning permission to open up one of the WW2 bunkers dug deep under London for regular tours.

Bank tube station upgrade gets final approval

The upgrade, which will cost £563 million will see the capacity of the tube station increased by 40%, and two news travolators added to speed transfers between the Central and Northern lines.

New photos from inside the Crossrail tunnels

Crossrail has released photos of some of its tunnels, as they turn from digging tunnels to putting a railway inside the tunnels.

Photos from the Post Office railway tunnels

Behind an anonymous door in an unremarkable wall, can be found one of London's hidden marvels -- the Post Office railway.

New photos of Crossrail tunnels at Bond Street

New photos have been released by Crossrail showing the continued construction progress at Bond Street station.

75th Anniversary of the Balham Tube Disaster

It's the evening of 14th October 1940, and one of the worst wartime disasters of the London Underground is about to take place.

A look inside the WW2 tunnels under Clapham Common

It's 1942, and the air raid warnings are screaming. People in select parts of London hurry to their nearest tube station to take shelter.

Abandoned tube station tours announced

Tickets to tour three disused disused tube stations go on sale on Wednesday morning.

The bit of Crossrail that is 3-times deeper than a tube train

Around 150 metres below ground, and nearly three times deeper than the deepest tube train, can be found a part of the Crossrail network.

Crossrail uncovers burial pit of Great Plague victims

A mass burial site suspected of containing 30 victims of The Great Plague of 1665 has been unearthed at Crossrail's Liverpool Street building site.

Photos from the Crossrail tunnels under Farringdon

Of all the stations being built by Crossrail, one of the most complex is at Farringdon, and all thanks to an event in the North Sea roughly 10 million years ago.

Crossrail supplied sea-wall breached in Essex

Several million tonnes of soil dug from under London by Crossrail have been used to build a new sea wall around an island in the Thames Estuary. Over the weekend, the wall was breached and saltwater flooded the farmland. This

3D maps of every Underground station

TfL has released another batch of documents which show every underground station in glorious 3D format.

3D maps of every Underground station – CDEFG

TfL has released another batch of documents which show every underground station in glorious 3D format.

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