Well, that was an odd year, wasn’t it?

A state funeral, umpteen governments, a new railway, a heatwave, and not to forget overseas events. And there’s still a day to go before the year ends, so don’t rule out something weird happening.

After a couple of years of lockdowns, it’s been good to get out and about again. Visits out of London started well enough until train strikes made that difficult to plan reliably. There’s been a lack of major events in London compared to previous years, probably because they take years to organise, and the pandemic will have made that harder. Hopefully, the year ahead will start to see more fun in the summer months as planning becomes more reliable.

Of course, we have a Coronation to look forward to (or ignore if you prefer).

Over the past year, there are articles I’ve enjoyed writing, and there are ones you’ve enjoyed reading. So, I’ve compiled a top article from each month of 2022 based on which gave me personally the biggest grins of the year, and the articles that were read most in the same month.

They’re never the same, but often quite close, so I am not that far off getting it right.


I chose

The Troxy – East London’s art-deco gem

I had a full behind the scenes look at this marvellous building and got to climb right up into the ceiling spaces, and deep underneath the main stage

You read

The South Kensington subway – a history


I chose

Remarkable Roman mosaic discovered in Southwark

Rarely does a discovery of something Roman in London cause the heart to skip a beat as the large fragment of mosaic found earlier this year.

You read

London Underground’s experimental porthole tube train


I chose

A day trip to – Longford Castle, Salisbury

It was good to be getting out of town again as the pandemic restrictions relaxed, and this was a visit to a remarkable house that’s still privately owned, and only open a handful of days each year.

You read

A sneak preview of London’s new Elizabeth line railway


I chose

A Day Trip to – Hythe and Dungeness

This was fun, and had been on my list of places to visit for absolutely ages, thanks to the combination of a steam train, a nuclear power plant and a church full of old bones.

You read

Buckingham Palace tube station to open for the Queen’s Jubilee


I chose

Excited crowds cheer the opening of the Elizabeth line

Lets be honest, what else could it have been for May, the long awaited opening of the Elizabeth line. A mix of luck and determination means I live right next to the new railway and it has transformed my journeys into town. But that opening morning, to see so much excitement as the barriers opened, was marvellous.

You read

Photos from Bank tube station’s huge new platforms


I chose

Go on a tour of the Wimbledon tennis courts and museum

I am not a massive tennis fan, and was a bit aprehensive that this tour might be over my head, but in fact, it’s a facinating place to visit, and the tour was very enjoyable.

You read

See inside the remarkable 575 Wandsworth Road


I chose

London’s newest station – Barking Riverside opened this morning

A railway station in the middle of (almost) nowhere, built just about ahead of when it would be surrounded by housing was reminisant of early DLR days. The visit was in the middle of the heatwave, necessitating getting the very first train in the morning to get there and back home before it got too hot to be outside.

You read

TfL testing a world-first idea for cooling the London Underground


I chose

Day trip from London – to Winchelsea for cellar tours and Camber Castle

Baring the mess up at the castle, this was a really nice day out, mainly thanks to Winchelsea being far more interesting that I expected, and the castle, once I got inside, much larger than expected.

You read

The East London park filled with WW2 fortifications


I chose

The Queue: Eight hours to see the Queen

Eight hours of standing in a queue to walk past the Queen. While the practical achievement is something to be proud of, I am actually proud of myself for something that happened before The Queue. I struggle with lethargic depression and unless I make appointments and buy tickets to do things, it’s so easy to just roll over and stay at home. The act of overcoming the lethargy at midnight to catch the last train into town, is the bit of The Queue that I am proud of.

You read

A free roof garden has opened in central London


I chose

Inside London’s 350 year old Temple Bar

I’ve wanted to peek inside this stone monument for years, and finally achieved the goal, and although it’s just one small room to look at, it’s an achievement.

You read

The Sidings – Waterloo station’s deserted shopping mall


I chose

There’s been an overnight rehearsal for the Lord Mayor’s Show

Sometimes, the effort is what makes a memory, so getting up at 3am to go to work is a mix of grumbling and excitement. Based on previous experience, this year I dug out a portable floodlight I own, and whenever I turned it on, the coach was transformed into something quite magical in the darkness. Quite marvellous.

You read

Just one month left until the Museum of London closes


I chose

Chiltern Railway’s last Parliamentary Train from West Ealing

One of those crazy events where loads of people turn up to do something simply because it’s the last time it can be done. And not even the unexpectedly long delay on the line spoiled the fun.

You read

TfL awards Bakerloo line extension consultancy contract


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