About Ian Mansfield

About Ian Mansfield

Ian is the owner and writer for the ianVisits website and has been a writer and journalist for over 30 years.

Ian is fascinated by London, its history, architecture, and of course, the transport network. He has over a decade’s experience in writing about London and has covered everything from breaking news to in-depth magazine articles.

Ian’s first foray into writing was in the telecoms world, initially for a major telco, but later running his own global telecoms publication. However, his real interest has always been London, its history and many various events, which is why he set up ianVisits.

Ian has extensive experience writing about transport infrastructure and is always looking for offbeat historical articles to write.

Ian has been cited in the Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, The Times, City Matters, Engadget, BBC News, Atlas Obscura, and the Daily Mail.

Ian is also the author of London’s Lost Pneumatic Railways and Uncovering London’s forgotten Civil War fortifications

Ian can be found on Twitter