Whitechapel - Latest news, articles and photos

Whitechapel - Latest news, articles and photos

London’s Pocket Parks: Mallon Gardens, E1

This is a newish garden that has emerged from behind fencing following the restoration of the historic Toynbee Hall in Whitechapel.

London’s Pocket Parks: Cavell Street Garden, E1

A side street in Shadwell has a small pocket park with gates leading to a space once filled with housing.

Statue of Queen Alexandra in Whitechapel

A rather grand bronze statue can be found stranded and surrounded by modern buildings in Whitechapel.

The King Edward VII Jewish Memorial Drinking Fountain

Surrounded by a market that fills the street can be found what looks like an old memorial stone, but is much more interesting than that.

Tickets Alert: Tours of the Boar’s Head Playhouse archaeological excavation

The remains of a Shakespearean-era playhouse in Whitechapel, the Boar’s Head is starting to be uncovered, and this weekend is a chance to have a look.

See inside the derelict Royal London Hospital

One of East London’s earliest hospitals is currently being gutted, and there’s been a chance to see inside as they work to turn it into Tower Hamlet’s new Town Hall.

See inside Crossrail’s Whitechapel station

One of the more complex stations being built by Crossrail is at Whitechapel where they not only had to build a new station above existing running railways but also tunnel underneath them as well.

Night Overground to call at Whitechapel from tonight

Ever since the Night Overground service launched last year, it has skipped Whitechapel station – but not from tonight.

There’s a giant brown steel “hedgehog” in Whitechapel

On a side street behind the hospital, a giant brown hedgehog can be found dominating a space between two low rise buildings.

Tickets Alert: Three-day east London history festival

There’s a three-day festival of history taking place in Whitechapel in October, and tickets are very cheap for the event.

London’s Pocket Parks: Altab Ali Park, E1

Despite its name, this park is actually a former graveyard and site of a famous church that gave its name to the entire area of Whitechapel.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. ROLL UP, ROLL UP the FATBERG is in town!

A lump of congealed human waste seems an unusual object for a museum, let alone one to cause so much… is excitement the correct word?

London’s Alleys – Mile End Place, E1

Hidden in a side street off busy Mile End road is a tiny enclave of cute cottages, surrounded by death.

Prepare to be disgusted as the Whitechapel fatberg goes on display

If you’ve ever wanted to see a congealed mass of babies nappies, cooking fat and domestic waste, next year is your chance, as chunk of the notorious fatberg that clogged up the sewers under Whitechapel is to go on display at the Museum of London.

London’s Alleys – Gunthorpe Street, E1

This little Whitechapel alleyway is notorious, for it is one of the murder sites of the infamous Jack the Ripper.

London’s Alleys – Whitechurch Passage, E1

This is a short alley with a curious habit of changing its name, having had at least three in its recorded existence.

Fresh photos from the Crossrail tunnels released

Crossrail has released some more photos showing how the tunnels are being prepared to become the operational Elizabeth line.

Opportunity to Abseil down the side of a Hospital

A quick note if you are to sort to do these sorts of things, but there is a chance to abseil down the side of the new 17-story high Royal London Hospital building in Whitechapel later this month.