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Ancient Clay Under London Bridge Station Turned into Art

Untouched for more than 50 million years, London clay dug up from underneath London Bridge railway station has been handed to local potters to turn into artworks.

180 years of history on display at London Bridge

While you're waiting for a delayed train, there's a temporary display at London Bridge that shows off its 180 year history.

Major new London Bridge junction to open after Christmas

One of the many railway bottlenecks outside London Bridge should be removed this coming Christmas, with the commissioning of the Bermondsey Flyunder.

Unbuilt London: The Twin London Bridges

When Old London Bridge was finally destined for the knackers yard, one of the many replacement proposals would have seen two mighty bridges constructed side by side.

In photos – the new London Bridge station concourse

After years of hidden construction work, the first phase of the new London Bridge station opened this morning.

Sheep to be taken across London Bridge

The Worshipful Company of Woolmen will be organising a Sheep Drive across London Bridge later this year.

Unbuilt London: The fake Venice next to Tower Bridge

Rather than full of glassy offices and a testicle, the south bank of the Thames by Tower Bridge should be a neo-Venetian folly.

Sheep to be taken across London Bridge

The Worshipful Company of Woolmen will be organising a Sheep Drive across London Bridge this year.

Unbuilt London: The Iron Bridge

Just over 200 years ago, plans were shown off to replace the venerable London Bridge with a massive single span iron bridge.

Unbuilt London: The almost story of a loop railway under Southwark

Imagine a tube tunnel running under Southwark and the City, but carrying full size mainline trains -- and you would be imagining something that was actually proposed.

Unbuilt London: A travolator on top of London Bridge

When London Bridge was being shipped off the to USA, one of the ideas mooted for its modern replacement was a high level, covered travolator to help speed pedestrians from the railway station to the City.

A look at Bermondsey’s railway dive-under construction site

While much of the focus on London Bridge's redevelopment sticks to the station itself, one of the most complex parts of the upgrade is taking place a mile away, in Bermondsey

Timelapse film of the works at London Bridge station

For the past couple of weeks, Southern and Thameslink trains haven't been able to call at London Bridge station as rebuilding works take place -- and a timelapse video of what was going on during the blockade has been released.

Timelapse video of London Bridge station demolition works

A timelapse video has been published showing the demolition of some of the platforms at London Bridge.

An 1863 engraving of the London Bridge railway expansion

In 1863, the railway from Greenwich to London Bridge was extended to Charing Cross, but not without considerable disturbance to the lands it passed through.

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