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The world’s largest Lego bridge goes on display in London

With a length of 34 metres, a massive suspension bridge made from Lego bricks has gone on display in London.

Orbital Lego exhibition coming to London

For a couple of weeks, there will be an exhibition of London-inspired models made from Lego -- on display in the Orbit observation thingy in the Olympic Park.

Lego exhibition comes to London

They seem to be announcing it rather early, but later this year will be a chance to see an awful lot of plastic bricks on Brick Lane in East London.

See a Crossrail tunnel boring machine made from Lego

There is a modern rule that any large engineering project has to involve Lego at some point, and Crossrail have finally complied with Regulation 17 subclause 13a of the Lego Engineering Act 2008.

Tube Maps made from Lego go on display in stations

And thus it was that Tube Geek met Lego Geek and they turned the geek up to 11 by combining their geekdom in the form of several tube maps made out of Lego bricks.

Baker Street Underground Station made out of Lego

To mark the 150th anniversary of the London Underground, what could be more fitting that to recreate the famous Baker Street Station from Lego? Well, lots of things probably, but this blog post is about Lego.