This afternoon, some 400 chaps and ladies dressed in Tweed and suitable attire took a merry jaunt around London, and I wandered over to take some photos.

I was actually planning to be a cyclist and dutifully marked the website to book tickets on the release date – not realising that all 400 places would sell out in about an hour, so missed out. Not bad though for what is only the second year of the event!

I managed to catch them coming into Trafalgar Square, and then took the underground train round to South Kensington and remarkably managed to beat them to the picnic stop in Kensington Gardens, so was able to get more photos there.

Nothing much to add, just some photos to show off.

Here are my favourites, and the full collection, as usual on my Flickr account.

Oh, and thanks to BoingBoing for featuring the event on their front page – it resulted in a considerable amount of traffic to this website overnight. Hello new people!


Penny Farthing - 1

Doffing the hat



More photos here.

Also on ianVisits

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2 comments on “The 2010 London Tweed Run
  1. alex says:

    thanks so much for taking such a cracking photo of me and putting it on your blog! people have been emailing me about it all day! great write up too!
    alex x

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