The Tweed Run Returns for 2011

After a couple of weeks of hints and rumours, the date for the 3rd Tweed Run has been confirmed.

The what?

The Tweed Run, where some 400(ish) cyclists in rather more sensible attire than the excessively revealing Lycra sported by the more athletic of persons parade en-mass around Central London on a range of antique or suitably modern yet  eccentric safety bicycles.

Tweed Run 2010

Booking for the tickets will open at midday on Saturday 26 February 2011 – and last year sold out within 45 minutes.

The booking page.

The Tweed Run itself will take place on Saturday 9th April.

I was a bystander last year – and took loads of photos – and maybe this year might participate.

On a side line, when some of us has an interview with TfL boss, Peter Hendy a few weeks ago, one thing he mentioned about the Boris Bike was how it has changed the aesthetic of cycling in London away from the sporty clad couriers darting around the place to a more sedate, and undeniably sartorially vastly more appealing exercise.

Also – should you be of the Tweedy sort, then the editor of The Chap Magazine, Gustav Temple is giving a talk next week in Hackney.

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