London Events Listings Guide

Welcome to the IanVisits guide to lectures, talks, heritage events, organised walks and other random miscellany happening around London.

F Event is free of charge (sometimes a donation is appreciated)
B Pre-Booking required.


One-Off Events Happening Today Only
3:00 PMPhotographing the Home Front: 1939-1945 (Clerkenwell)
B Discover the photographs that capture this, the story they tell about local communities and how you can access them using Mediatheque.
(Cost: Free)
5:30 PMOperation Dynamo Lecture at the Fire Brigade museum (Southwark)
B A lecture about the Dunkirk evacuation, and a chance to visit the Fire Brigade museum.
(Cost: £10)
5:30 PMA new roof for the Olympic Stadium
F B This talk will describe the design and erection engineering behind the innovative gravity-stressed cable-net roof.
6:30 PMElectric Bloom Late Night Opening (Homerton)
A showcase of mixed media artworks created by Hackney artists and residents, exploring the Loddiges tropical and exotic gardens of Hackney over 200 years ago.
(Cost: £3.90 (for whole museum))
7:00 PMHuman Remains at Christ Church, Spitalfields (Whitechapel)
B Dr Margaret Clegg will tell the story of the remains, including the excavation from Christ Church and the research undertaken in the last 30 years.
(Cost: £6)
7:30 PMThe Regent's Canal Fraud (Islington)
Lester Hillman explores the financial drama of 1815 and beyond, uncovering thieving, scandals and colourful hoaxes on the way.
(Cost: £4)

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Regular Events on Today (typically repeat each week)
2:30 PMThe Hidden Diversity of Coral Reefs (South Kensington)
B Join a Museum scientist to find out more about the tiny plants that live in the oceans and discover the vital, but often overlooked, role that they play in reef ecosystems.
(Cost: Free)
7:30 PMGothic Book Club: The Blood of the Vampire at Strawberry Hill House (Twickenham)
F We will be discussing The Blood of the Vampire (1897) by Florence Marryat


Temporary Exhibitions Open Today
Defining beauty the body in ancient Greek art (Russell Square)
All DayExperience the brilliance and diversity of ancient Greek art in this major exhibition focusing on the human body. (Ending Soon! Sun, 5th Jul) (Cost: £16.50)
F Growing the Future City Exhibition
All DayAn exhibition that will explore six city growth themes around navigating, working, playing, learning, greening and housing. (Ending Soon! Sun, 5th Jul)
F Brick Works! (Euston)
All DayBrick Works! brings together design, sculpture and photography to explore the use of brick in contemporary art and design. (Ending Soon! Fri, 10th Jul)
F Corporeality, Objects and Other Stuff (Fitzrovia)
12:00 PMAn exhibition by some artists about something or other. (Ending Soon! Sat, 11th Jul)
F Rodin, Brancusi, Moore: Through the Sculptor’s Lens (Hanover Square)
10:00 AMAn exhibition presenting over fifty vintage photographs from the studios of Auguste Rodin, Constantin Brancusi, and Henry Moore. (Ending Soon! Sat, 11th Jul)
Homes of the Homeless: Seeking Shelter in Victorian London (Bethnal Green)
2:00 PMThis exhibition tells the story of this 'other' London, exploring the places the poor inhabited. (Ending Soon! Sun, 12th Jul) (Cost: £5)
F A History of Friendship between the RAF and the Royal Air Force of Oman (Colindale)
All DayAn exhibition about the history of cooperation between the two military forces. (Ending Soon! Tue, 14th Jul)
War Games from WWI (Notting Hill)
All DayWar Games throws light on the boxed pastimes that Britons played while their loved ones were fighting at the front. (Ends on Fri, 17th Jul) (Cost: £7.50)
F Chemistry in the garden: paintings by Nina Krauzewicz (Camden)
9:00 AMDiscover the hidden healing depths of the Royal College of Physicians' remarkable medicinal garden. (Ends on Fri, 31st Jul)
F Magna Carta Through the Ages (Picadilly)
10:00 AMThe exhibition will explore the antiquarian interest in the 'Great Charter' through the centuries. (Ends on Fri, 31st Jul)
B Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty - About the Exhibition (South Kensington)
All DayThe first and largest retrospective of McQueen's work to be presented in Europe. (Ends on Sun, 2nd Aug) (Cost: £17.60)
F Penny Black 175
All DayTo celebrate its 175th anniversary, this exhibition tells the story of the creation of the Penny Black and its phenomenal social impact. (Ends on Fri, 7th Aug)
Beneath the Surface (Strand)
All DayAn exhibition of some 200 works reflects the Embankment Galleries’ riverfront location in one of London’s most ancient quarters. (Ends on Mon, 24th Aug) (Cost: £6)
Wildlife Photographer of the Year (South Kensington)
4:00 PMThe exhibition features more than 100 images exhibited on sleek back-lit photographic panels, creating a uniquely cinematic effect. (Ends on Sun, 30th Aug) (Cost: £12.60)
Fashion on the Ration (Southwark)
All DayThis exhibition looks at how fashion survived and even flourished under the strict rules of rationing in 1940s Britain. (Ends on Mon, 31st Aug) (Cost: £10)
Magna Carta: Law, Liberty, Legacy (Camden)
7:00 PMExplore centuries of dramatic history, from King John, medieval battles, revolution, wars, empire and the struggle for the right to vote, (Ends on Tue, 1st Sep) (Cost: £12)
B The Power of Poison (Whitechapel)
All DayDiscover the alluring, seductive and terrifying role of poison and how it affects our everyday lives through nature, myth, medicine and healing (Ends on Sun, 6th Sep) (Cost: £13)
The Prize for Illustration 2015: London Places & Spaces (Covent Garden)
All DayAn exhibition of 100 illustrations that capture a variety of aspects of London’s unique character and qualities. (Ends on Sun, 6th Sep) (Cost: £16 (for whole museum, for a year))
F Sir Alan Cobham’s Flying Circus: A life of a Pioneering Aviator (Colindale)
All DayAn exhibition about Sir Alan Cobham, a pioneering long distance aviator and technical innovator who became famous for his exploits. (Ends on Fri, 11th Sep)
Revelations: Experiments in Photography (South Kensington)
All DayAn exhibition about the influence of early scientific photography on modern and contemporary art. (Ends on Sun, 13th Sep) (Cost: £8)
F The Institute of Sexology (Camden)
All DayA candid exploration of the most publicly discussed of private acts. (Ends on Sun, 20th Sep)
F Humanity after the Holocaust: The Jewish Relief Unit, 1943-1950 (Russell Square)
All DayThe exhibition focuses on post-war relief and rehabilitation work of the Jewish Relief Unit in Bergen-Belsen and elsewhere.  (Ends on Fri, 2nd Oct)
F BP Spotlight: New Brutalist Image 1949–55 (Pimlico)
All DayThis display highlights how this office project became the test-bed of ideas for the group’s design. (Ends on Sun, 4th Oct)
Painting Paradise: The Art of the Garden (Whitehall)
All DayPainting Paradise: The Art of the Garden will explore the changing character of the garden in art from the 16th to the early 20th century. (Ends on Sun, 11th Oct) (Cost: £10)
F War Music: Notes from the First World War (Camden)
All DayAn exhibition of the music culture that dominated during WW1 (Ends on Sat, 31st Oct)
Plantastic (Forest Hill)
All Day Explore the wonderful world of plants on a massive scale.  (Ends on Sun, 1st Nov) (Cost: £6.50)
F 'Poor man's picture gallery': Victorian Art and Stereoscopic Photography (Pimlico)
All DayThis display brings twelve of Tate’s Victorian and Pre-Raphaelite works face to face with a rare collection of their three-dimensional doubles. (Ends on Sun, 1st Nov)
F Soldiers and Suffragettes (Poplar)
10:00 AMAn exhibition about the UK’s first female press photographer, and her work in the 1910s. (Ends on Sun, 1st Nov)
F The Alice Look (Bethnal Green)
All DayThe display shows how Alice in Wonderland has been adopted and adapted across the world in all walks of life, (Ends on Sun, 1st Nov)
Waterloo Lives: The Defence of Hougoumont Farm (Victoria)
10:00 AMA temporary exhibition which looks at how the Battle of Waterloo was fought and won.  (Ends on Sat, 28th Nov) (Cost: £5)
F The Barbican Exhibition: Building a Landmark (Barbican)
All DayExplore almost three decades of the estate’s construction from the mid-1950s to 1982. (Ends on Sun, 29th Nov)
F Churchill's Scientists (South Kensington)
All DayExhibition about how Churchill’s fascination with science led to the scientific achievements that helped Britain win the Second World War. (Ends on Tue, 1st Mar)