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Welcome to the IanVisits guide to lectures, talks, heritage events, organised walks and other random miscellany happening around London.

F Event is free of charge (sometimes a donation is appreciated)
B Pre-Booking required.


One-Off Events Happening Today Only
6:00 PMDid God Evolve? An Evolutionist (Barbican)
F Did God Evolve? Ideas and beliefs evolve as much as do bodies and brains and in some ways the two processes are similar
6:30 PMExtradition and the Erosion of Human Rights
F Since 9/11 the rules governing extradition from the UK to the US have been systematically relaxed, and safeguards designed to protect against injustice have been dismantled
6:30 PMThe Sick Rose, or: Disease and the Art of Medical Illustration (Whitechapel)
B Dr Richard Barnett, author of The Sick Rose, will explore the connections between art, anatomy and medicine in an age of revolution.
(Cost: £8.60)
6:30 PMCosmic Quest: from Babylon to the Big Bang (Southwark)
Our glorious night sky is the ultimate landscape. But where do we fit in? An illustrated presentation by Heather Couper and Nigel Henbest
(Cost: 1 penny)
6:30 PMThe Grant Museum’s Living Library
F An evening of conversations as UCL researchers bring to life the collection and share some of the stories of their research.
6:30 PMRemapping Survival: Jewish Refugees and Rescue in Soviet Central Asia, Iran and India (Euston)
F B Professor Grossmann addresses a transnational Holocaust story that has remained untold: the plight of Jewish refugees in Central Asia.

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Regular Events on Today (typically repeat each week)
2:30 PMThe Stegosaur (South Kensington)
F By studying the skeletons of dinosaurs like stegosaurs, palaeontologists can learn a lot about how they behaved, moved and lived
2:30 PMThe Stegosaur (South Kensington)
F By studying the skeletons of dinosaurs like stegosaurs, palaeontologists can learn a lot about how they behaved, moved and lived


Temporary Exhibitions Open Today
F Walter Newton | 20 GOTO 10 (Tottenham Court Road)
All Day20 GOTO 10 is an exhibition of Walter’s pixel-based illustrations and animations from 2012 to present.  (Ending Soon! Fri, 30th Jan)
F 100 Buildings 100 Years: Views of British Architecture since 1914 (Picadilly)
All DayThis exhibition showcases the extraordinary and often surprising variety of the last hundred years of British architecture. (Ending Soon! Sun, 1st Feb)
F Rethinking the Urban Landscape
All DayRethinking the Urban Landscape argues the case to commit investment to 'green infrastructure' in the early stages of city and regeneration planning. (Ending Soon! Tue, 10th Feb)
Goodbye Piccadilly: From the Home Front to the Western Front (Covent Garden)
All DayDiscover the impact on London life and the surprising role London’s bus drivers and their buses played on the Western Front.  (Ends on Sun, 8th Mar) (Cost: £15 (inc repeat visits for a year))
F Maps of Persia 1477–1925: A graphical journey through the history of Iran (Euston)
All DayAn exhibition of maps of Persia from the 15th century onwards. (Ends on Sat, 21st Mar)
F Front line nurses: British nurses of the First World War (Harley Street)
9:00 AMOn the centenary of the First World War, this exhibition commemorates the professional nurses who worked, served and died between 1914 and 1918. (Ends on Tue, 31st Mar)
F Aerofilms : Britain From Above (The Hyde)
All DayExhibition of photos of England taken from early aircraft. (Ends on Tue, 31st Mar)
Sherlock Holmes (Barbican)
All DayAn exhibition devoted to the famous detective from books to silver and small screen adaptations. (Ends on Sun, 12th Apr) (Cost: £12.55)
Waterways on the Western Front (Islington)
10:00 AMExhibition about how the canals and waterways were used to supply allied armies during WW1. (Ends on Sun, 12th Apr) (Cost: £4.00)
F Fulham Palace through the Great War (Fulham)
12:30 PMThe exhibition tells the story of the Great War at the Palace, the role of the Bishop of London during the national crisis (Ends on Thu, 16th Apr)
Superman was a Foundling
All DayThrough mural and graphic work -- a visual exploration of fostering and adoption in popular culture. (Ends on Thu, 30th Apr) (Cost: £7.50 (for whole museum))
F A History of Friendship between the RAF and the Royal Air Force of Oman (The Hyde)
All DayAn exhibition about the history of cooperation between the two military forces. (Ends on Tue, 14th Jul)
Wildlife Photographer of the Year (South Kensington)
4:00 PMThe exhibition features more than 100 images exhibited on sleek back-lit photographic panels, creating a uniquely cinematic effect. (Ends on Sun, 30th Aug) (Cost: £12.60)
F Sir Alan Cobham’s Flying Circus: A life of a Pioneering Aviator (The Hyde)
All DayAn exhibition about Sir Alan Cobham, a pioneering long distance aviator and technical innovator who became famous for his exploits. (Ends on Fri, 11th Sep)
F The Institute of Sexology (Camden)
All DayA candid exploration of the most publicly discussed of private acts. (Ends on Sun, 20th Sep)
F BP Spotlight: New Brutalist Image 1949–55 (Pimlico)
All DayThis display highlights how this office project became the test-bed of ideas for the group’s design. (Ends on Sun, 4th Oct)
F War Music: Notes from the First World War (Camden)
All DayAn exhibition of the music culture that dominated during WW1 (Ends on Sat, 31st Oct)
F 'Poor man's picture gallery': Victorian Art and Stereoscopic Photography (Pimlico)
All DayThis display brings twelve of Tate’s Victorian and Pre-Raphaelite works face to face with a rare collection of their three-dimensional doubles. (Ends on Sun, 1st Nov)
F Churchill's Scientists (South Kensington)
All DayExhibition about how Churchill’s fascination with science led to the scientific achievements that helped Britain win the Second World War. (Ends on Tue, 1st Mar)

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