London Events Listings Guide

Welcome to the IanVisits guide to lectures, talks, heritage events, organised walks and other random miscellany happening around London.

F Event is free of charge (sometimes a donation is appreciated)
B Pre-Booking required.


One-Off Events Happening Today Only
10:30 AMGuildhall Archives And Library
B The visit will include a talk by one of the librarians, a tour behind the scenes of the stores and a look at some of the more special items in the collection.
(Cost: £18.00)
1:00 PMArtefacts and the Study of Life in Roman London (Barbican)
B This lecture explores the ways in which archaeologists can analyse and interpret these objects, presenting some results of the latest research into the artefacts from excavations in the City of London.
(Cost: Free)
2:00 PMA camera on the Victorian City (Clerkenwell)
B ​Find out how photographers were able to document London during the Victorian building boom.
(Cost: Free)
6:00 PMThe Story of the Satsuma Students (Camden)
F B A talk on the 150th anniversary of the arrival of 19 Japanese students in the UK.

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Regular Events on Today (typically repeat each week)
6:00 PMGuided tours of Wiltons Music Hall (Whitechapel)
B Hear how a Victorian sailors' pub went from music hall to Methodist Mission and was forgotten before becoming the venue it is today
(Cost: £6)


Temporary Exhibitions Open Today
Painting Paradise: The Art of the Garden (Whitehall)
All DayPainting Paradise: The Art of the Garden will explore the changing character of the garden in art from the 16th to the early 20th century. (Ending Soon! Sun, 11th Oct) (Cost: £10)
F Picturing England Exhibition (Southwark)
All DayAn outdoor touring exhibition to showcase Historic England's photographic Archive. (Ends on Sun, 25th Oct)
F War Music: Notes from the First World War (Camden)
All DayAn exhibition of the music culture that dominated during WW1 (Ends on Sat, 31st Oct)
Alice in Cartoonland (Bloomsbury)
8:00 PMAlice in Cartoonland celebrates Alice’s many misadventures at the hands of cartoonists, caricaturists and satirists, animators and graphic artists. (Ends on Sun, 1st Nov) (Cost: £7)
Plantastic (Forest Hill)
All Day Explore the wonderful world of plants on a massive scale.  (Ends on Sun, 1st Nov) (Cost: £6.50)
F 'Poor man's picture gallery': Victorian Art and Stereoscopic Photography (Pimlico)
All DayThis display brings twelve of Tate’s Victorian and Pre-Raphaelite works face to face with a rare collection of their three-dimensional doubles. (Ends on Sun, 1st Nov)
F Roman Skulls go on display in the Museum of London (Barbican)
All DayThis display explores the evidence we have for gladiators, criminals and soldiers in Roman London. (Ends on Sun, 1st Nov)
F Soldiers and Suffragettes (Poplar)
10:00 AMAn exhibition about the UK’s first female press photographer, and her work in the 1910s. (Ends on Sun, 1st Nov)
F The Alice Look (Bethnal Green)
All DayThe display shows how Alice in Wonderland has been adopted and adapted across the world in all walks of life, (Ends on Sun, 1st Nov)
Lego animal trail (Barnes)
All DayA display of giant animals made from Lego set in among the real animal residents of the wetland centre. (Ends on Sun, 8th Nov) (Cost: £11.48 (for whole site))
F Manga now three generations (Russell Square)
All DayExplore contemporary manga’s diverse appeal through works by three of the medium’s leading artists. (Ends on Sun, 15th Nov)
Waterloo Lives: The Defence of Hougoumont Farm (Victoria)
10:00 AMA temporary exhibition which looks at how the Battle of Waterloo was fought and won.  (Ends on Sat, 28th Nov) (Cost: £5)
F The Barbican Exhibition: Building a Landmark (Barbican)
All DayExplore almost three decades of the estate’s construction from the mid-1950s to 1982. (Ends on Sun, 29th Nov)
F This is Nursing (Harley Street)
7:00 PMTake a look back at the last 200 years in nursing, from concerned amateur to compassionate expert. (Ends on Mon, 30th Nov)
F The Sinews of War: Arms and Armour from the Age of Agincourt (Marylebone High St)
All DayThis special display brings together original weapons and armour dating from the time of the battle, (Ends on Tue, 1st Dec)
Drawing in silver and gold Leonardo to Jasper Johns (Russell Square)
8:00 PMExplore the development of the artistic technique of metalpoint from the Renaissance to the present,  (Ends on Sun, 6th Dec) (Cost: £8)
F Glass Delusions (Euston)
1:00 PMThe exhibition centres on the use of glass as a material, its cultural significance and a psychological phenomenon of humans believing they are glass. (Ends on Sat, 19th Dec)
F Power and beauty: seals, charters and the story of identity (Camden)
10:00 AMAn exhibition of around 40 objects showing Royal power, including the never previously exhibited great seal of King John (Ends on Wed, 23rd Dec)
The Fallen Woman
8:00 PMThis major exhibition focuses on the myth and reality of the ‘fallen woman’ in Victorian Britain. (Ends on Sun, 3rd Jan) (Cost: £8.25 (for whole museum))
F Guiding Lights: 500 years of Trinity House and safety at sea (Greenwich)
All DayAn exhibition that showcases centuries of work by the Corporation of Trinity House to help sailors navigate safely at sea, (Ends on Mon, 4th Jan)
F The Great Chronicle of London (Agincourt)
All DayThe Great Chronicle of London illustrates how the news of Henry’s campaign was sent back to London. (Ends on Thu, 7th Jan)
F Palladian Design: The Good, the Bad and the Unexpected (Regent Street)
All DayThis exhibition explores how British architects such as Inigo Jones and Lord Burlington turned Palladianism into a national style. (Ends on Sat, 9th Jan)
Celts art and identity (Russell Square)
All DayCome on a journey tracing what it means to be Celtic. The more you look, the more you’ll see… (Ends on Sun, 31st Jan) (Cost: £16.50)
F Churchill's Scientists (South Kensington)
All DayExhibition about how Churchill’s fascination with science led to the scientific achievements that helped Britain win the Second World War. (Ends on Tue, 1st Mar)
Cosmonauts: Birth of the Space Age (South Kensington)
All DayDiscover the dramatic story of how Russia turned the dream of space travel into a reality and became the first nation to explore space. (Ends on Sun, 13th Mar) (Cost: £14)
F Project Tobong (Forest Hill)
9:00 AMProject Tobong seeks to preserve and reinvigorate the ritual of historic storytelling and performance.  (Ends on Sun, 10th Apr)
F Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2015 (Greenwich)
All DayA display of winning photographs from an annual astrophotographer competition. (Ends on Sun, 26th Jun)