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About Me

About the Events Calendar

The calendar has evolved out of a few aspects of my personal life and it seemed appropriate to convert that into something everyone can enjoy.

It does NOT list the mainstream music/theatre/film events which are already so well supplied by the major newspapers and magazines – but will try to list the heritage open days, walking tours and mostly, the astonishing array of free (or cheap) lectures that the societies and universities of London provide. They really are, in my opinion, a little known and underused facility for Londoners.

There is a facility for people to submit events to the calendar manually, but please read the guide first.

About the Blog

I tend to write about snippets of history I come across or reviews of lectures/events I have been to. There will also be occasional random musings, rants or political commentary.

Unlike some thematic blogs, I don’t really have a core theme – unless you call my own personality acceptable – to base the blog about, so it can sometimes seem that it is all over the place. Then again – quite often I am also all over the place.

Message to Public Relations and Guest Blog Pitches

Some bloggers love being contacted by PR people, and some loathe it. I try to sit somewhere in the middle. Suitable pitches that are relevant to less commercial events and news in London, construction, history and science are likely to be at the very least, read.

If you think I will be excited about the latest pop-up fashion store or boutique hotel, then you will be disappointed.

Important - I am NOT a travel blogger so do not write about hotels, travel or holidays. I have no idea why people keep pitching that sort of stuff to me.

Also, I do NOT accept guest/paid/sponsored blog posts.

No infographics - they are festering peddlers of spam and I will never ever publish them.

Contact Me

(Are you a PR/SEO person? Did you read the above bit first?)

Email me at ianm@ianvisits.co.uk

About Ian Mansfield

  • Life begins at 40 apparently;
  • Perpetually single (sigh);
  • Spent a large part of my youth in the Mid-East and Nth Africa;
  • Too fond of fine food and wine;
  • Voracious consumer of news and current affairs;
  • Doesn’t watch ITV;