Transport For London - Latest news, articles and photos

Transport For London - Latest news, articles and photos

Now there are two reviews into TfL’s finances

Typical, you wait for ages and then two reviews into Transport for London’s finances come along at once.

Another increase in Lost Property left on London Transport

Umbrellas, bags, gloves, books, keys, all left behind on London’s public transport services and meticulously catalogued by the Lost Property Office.

Photos from inside Down Street disused tube station

Just over 80 years ago, a tube station closed to the public due there being insufficient public interested in using it. Now it could open again, as a tourist attraction.

60 mini Boris Buses to be deployed across London

A display of some of the 60 new mini Boris Buses took place in central London this morning causing more than a few heads to turn and people to point and giggle at the sight.

Remembrance Wreaths being lain at London Transport locations today

If you travel around London today, keep an eye out for remembrance wreaths laid at key transport locations — in memory of transport staff who died in WW1.

TfL’s curious travel suggestions

I start a new job on Monday, and need to start commuting again. So, time to power up the TfL travel advisor and see what it says are the suitable routes to take.

TfL removes advert from website homepage

TfL revamped its website recently, and little commented on but quite noticeable is that slap bang in the heart of the main page is space for an advert.

TfL’s Head Office to be turned into residential flats

Transport for London has decided to convert its listed art-deco headquarters building into residential flats as it prepares to move east to newer offices.

Important News About Bus Route 9

TfL is proposing to remove the heritage buses from the route this coming July.

Fire Brigade Dissect a White Whale in Covent Garden

It is almost impossible now to go to the West End in the evenings without seeing a white whale squeezing its way through the narrow streets.

Too many improvements in an email – TfL’s changing language

I noticed something last week which stood out a bit, and it happened again today, so I dug into my archive to see when it happened. What am I talking about? The weekly emails from TfL warning of dire problems

Does The Queen have a Boris Bike account?

Silly question to which I am sure the answer is NO, but the TfL website isn’t taking any chances with its feedback form. I have had a problem with logging in to my Boris Bike account, and being the sort

Mayor’s Consultation Meeting – Let’s Talk Transport

This just arrived in the email, and I copy/paste it here for your information as it is the sort of thing I would put in the events guide, but you also need to pre-book tickets first. Incidentally, I am delighted

Cooling the London Underground

In March 2008, I attended a really quite interesting talk on the technological challenges in cooling the London Underground network, and it has been a topic which – probably understandably – has interested me ever since. A couple of months

The East London Line – in the style of a Victorian Newspaper

The first day of the East London Line extension to West Croydon – in the style of a Victorian Newspaper. Hopefully. — Readers may recall the recent news of the reopening of the East London Line railway that passes under

First Day of the East London Line

“I apologise for the cramped conditions” was how the first train on the newly extended East London Line was introduced to its excited passengers. For yes, the majority, if not indeed the totality of the passengers were highly excited. A

Ian at Holborn tube station

Anyone who has followed the London news via the internet today cannot have failed to come across stories about a tube worker, presumed to be Ian Morbin at Holborn station abusing a customer. However, as the video clip of the