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Photos from the tunnels under Reigate

Nearly 1000 years ago, a Norman baron dug a tunnel under his castle to improve his security, and for the next 800 years, the local residents did much the same thing under their back gardens, for their prosperity.

The abandoned Post Office Railway to be opened to the public

As I am sure you are all aware, the Post Office has its own private railway that runs under London and it lies abandoned and empty. However, it's ghostly slumbers may be about to be disturbed.

A few photos of the “secret” Whitehall cable tunnel

Tunnel enthusiasts, and conspiracy theorists will be well aware of a large tunnel running under Whitehall -- often codenamed as Q-Whitehall.

Going inside a decaying WW2 Bunker underneath North London

Hidden under a modern housing estate in North London lies the remains of what was once one of the most secret of military installations built during World War 2. Now needing pumps to keep water down to a manageable level

Walking through an abandoned train tunnel under London’s Docks

Although most of the train tunnels being built in London for Crossrail will be brand new, one section of tunnel will in fact be already over 140 years old when the first Crossrail train passes through. Built under the docks

The huge undercroft under the Albert Memorial

I am sure you are familiar with the huge Albert Memorial in Hyde Park by the Albert Hall, but did you know that there is a vast underground structure underneath it? Time to reminisce about a place I visited four

The Aldwych Tube Station Blitz Experience

First things first, as they say. Tickets to this event sold out yonks ago. However, if you don’t mind the risk of getting nothing after a day of hanging around, and consuming vast quantities of coffee while you wait, then

A torch lit tour of a Church crypt

A rather forlorn looking Palladian style church sits in a suitably windswept corner of a road junction in Shoreditch. Despite its somewhat tired appearance, this is one of the more important locations for the history of Christianity in England. Depending

Going Underneath the Albert Memorial

This morning I had the pleasure of visiting a structure that most people don’t even know exists – despite part of it being quite famous. The bit most people will have seen, is the famous Albert Memorial in London’s Hyde