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Watching the RAF100 Flypast

How wonderful of the RAF to put on a great big military flypast right in the middle of the week when loads of people in the city can pop out for 10 minutes to watch it.

Details released for RAF’s 100th birthday flypast over Central London

A huge flypast will take place over central London on Tuesday 10th July to mark the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force, and the flight details have now been released.

See some military aircraft in Guildhall Yard this weekend

This weekend there's a chance to get very close and personal with a number of military aircraft, right in the heart of the City of London.

Red Arrows to fly over London on Saturday

A large formation of military aircraft, including the Red Arrows will fly over Central London on Saturday lunchtime, for the Queen's official birthday.

The Mansion, The Military, The Museum – Bentley Priory

Through a locked gate, down a road past more locked gates, and here on the edges of London is a grand building which played a very secretive role during WW2.

The WW2 fortification in a Nth London park

If you were talking a wander through a nature reserve in North London one day, you might notice a rather shabby looking concrete hut peeking out of the bushes.

RAF flypast over central London on Friday

This coming Friday, at lunchtime, look to the skies, as a military flypast will take place over central London.

Centenary Open Day at RAF Northolt

RAF Northolt is 100 years old, and will be hosting a centenary open day in June, with a flying display, static aircraft, stalls and many other activities and demonstrations.

Red Arrows to fly over London today

If you're planning to watch the large military aircraft flypast over Central London at lunchtime, and want to know what each of the aircraft overhead is, then the list has been released.

How to request your own Spitfire flypast over London

I mentioned this briefly a while back, but as the deadline is approaching it’s worth reminding people that it is possible to request your very own flypast by the RAF for your village fete or school event, or other suitable

A tour inside RAF Bentley Priory

Sitting inside a park in North London lies a former stately home which was during World War II, one of the main command centres for the Battle of Britain. RAF Bentley Priory, or plain Bentley Priory as it is know

North Weald Airfield Museum

Just outside the comfort zone of the M25 barrier, on one of those long snaking rural roads that link villages together lies a small house with a stone memorial in its front garden. Once a home, then taken over as

Military Flypasts over London in 2011

Collating details as they are published of the various military aircraft flypasts over London and local area, as I do – and it is about as ready as it is likely to get. Apart from the big flypast in June

Visiting the “Battle of Britain” Underground Bunker

Another in the occasional series on gaining access to places which are not conventionally open to the public.

Photos at the Red Arrows flypast

I dutifully wandered over to London Bridge at lunchtime to get hoped for photos of the Red Arrows flying overhead and with Tower Bridge in the shot. As I arrived, I was pleasantly shocked to see the was quite a