For the thirty-somthingth time, the English Civil War society travelled down to London to march in memory of King Charles I and once again lay a wreath on the spot of his execution at Banqueting House.

A slow sombre beating of the drums marked the march past on horse and foot, accompanied by civilians in contemporary costume.

Again, one of the more spectacular sights of the calendar passed by marked mainly by tourists who happened to be in the right place at the right time and not enough local Londoners. Maybe one year it will have the streets packed as they should be.

Riding along The Mall

The King's Army marches along The Mall

Child soldier

Riding along The Mall

Civilians join the soldiers

At Horsguards, they formed up to hand out awards for long service, and a religious service to remember the executed King. A small group then passed through Horseguards to lay a wreath at Banqueting House.

Wreath on Banqueting House

A second earlier wreath was also placed on the statue of King Charles I in Trafalgar Square. The statue sits facing the Parliament that executed him, and on the location of the original Charing Cross.

Statue of King Charles I with the wreath

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4 comments on “The English Civil War Society parades along The Mall
  1. James MacAonghus says:

    What?! How can this be such an unknown event, it looks like so much fun! I’ve put in my calendar for next year.

    • Penelope Polins says:

      James, it happens on the last Sunday of every January. If you visit the English Civil War Society’s website, you’ll see that the Parliamentarians also have a parade in the autumn.

    • ian gale says:

      hi james if you get this its £30 a year to join ,you can join up on the day or attend in person on the day , or call ahead the regiments always have extra kit and dress and join in on the march, look up ecws -the kings army or under roundheads if you prefer the other lousy crowd, we are not sealed knot they are way too cranky for us, havea good time, costumes costly but can be bought freely from members , people in this have been in major battles of the period all over britain …hope this helps, a kings man

  2. Penelope Polins says:

    My son is a pikeman and if the weather’s fine we try to get down to Whitehall to support him and his friends in Sir Marmaduke Rawdon’s Regiment of Foote. They’re a wonderful group of people and I’m proud to call them our friends,