One-Off Events Happening Today Only
5:00 PMNight at the Vet College: Chicken, egg...what next? (Camden)
F Meet vets, scientists and students and see behind the scenes at the Royal Veterinary College.
6:30 PMRobot reporter: Journalism in the Age of Automation and Big Data (Camden)
B We are now in the age of drone journalism, but with technology running ahead of legality and ethics, how can journalism use the technology responsibly
(Cost: £8)
7:00 PMCannibalism: What's All the Fuss? (South Kensington)
B Join a discussion event exploring early human cannibalism and the reasons it's still taboo.
(Cost: £15)

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Temporary Exhibitions Open Today
F Pablo Picasso: Important Works On Paper (Picadilly)
10:00 AMComprising of lithographs, lino-cuts and etchings, Important Works On Paper provides a unique insight into the poster art of Pablo Picasso. (Ending Soon! Thu, 24th Apr)
Men in Pants: Evelyn De Morgan's male life drawings from the Slade School onwards (Wandsworth)
12:00 PMThis exhibition will explore Evelyn’s experience of life drawing and her interaction and engagement with her models. (Ending Soon! Fri, 25th Apr) (Cost: £4)
F Wall To Wall (Stoke Newington)
12:00 PMHang-Up Gallery are pleased to present their upcoming group show ‘Wall To Wall’ – a modern exploration of street art’s diverse nature. (Ending Soon! Fri, 25th Apr)
The Cheapside Hoard: London's Lost Jewels (Barbican)
All DayDisplayed for the first time ever, a huge collection of early 17th century jewellery discovered in 1912 (Ending Soon! Sat, 26th Apr) (Cost: £10)
F Art, Science & Exploration from the University of Cambridge Museums (Temple/Aldwych)
11:00 AMAn exhibition about imagination and knowledge — about the pleasures of looking, and the power of objects to generate wonder as well as new ideas. (Ending Soon! Sat, 26th Apr)
F The Sounds from the Park (Liverpool Street)
10:00 AMThe exhibition explores what Speakers’ Corner means to those who speak, heckle and listen there. (Ending Soon! Tue, 29th Apr)
Shakespeare in Print (Cheapside, City of London)
9:30 AMThis exhibition explores Guildhall Library’s Shakespeare collections and how they were produced. (Ending Soon! Tue, 29th Apr) (Cost: Free)
F Retrospective exhibition on Thierry Noir: The first man who painted on the Berlin wall (Whitechapel)
12:00 PMHoward Griffin Gallery presents a retrospective of the life and work of infamous artist Thierry Noir.  (Ending Soon! Wed, 30th Apr)
F Architecture of War (Southwark)
All DayThrough IWM’s art collection, Architecture of War presents artists’ responses to the impact of warfare on landscape and environments. (Ending Soon! Sun, 4th May)
Collider (South Kensington)
All DayThis immersive exhibition blends theatre, video and sound art with real artefacts from CERN, recreating a visit to the particle physics lab. (Ending Soon! Mon, 5th May) (Cost: £10)
F Slim’s Riviera – Unseen Archive Images of European and American High Society at Play
12:00 PMKnown for his work with high-society publications, this latest Slim Aarons exhibition portrays the luxury and frivolity of a generation at play.  (Ends on Fri, 9th May)
F The Litter Bug (Islington)
11:00 AMAn exhibition of animals and bugs made up from discarded rubbish. (Ends on Fri, 9th May)
MADE IN BRITAIN Walsh Trainers (Southwark)
11:00 AM‘Made in Britain’ traces the unique history of Walsh trainers, currently the only wholly British owned, designed and manufactured sports footwear bran (Ends on Fri, 16th May) (Cost: £8.80)
F Beautiful Science: Picturing Data, Inspiring Insight (Camden)
All DayA display of how people have used visual tools to display otherwise complex data in an attention grabbing way. (Ends on Sun, 25th May)
F The Brits Who Built the Modern World: 1950 – 2012 (Regents Park)
10:00 AMUsing the RIBA’s unique collections and material from architectural practices, this exhibition tells a global story of British architecture. (Ends on Mon, 26th May)
F United Visual Artists (UVA): Momentum (Barbican)
11:00 AMAn immersive installation that combines light, sound and movement. (Ends on Fri, 30th May)
F Diverse Maniere: Piranesi, Fantasy and Excess (Holborn)
10:00 AMOne of the richest holdings of graphic work by Piranesi and this exhibition continues the exploration of Soane’s interest in Piranesi. (Ends on Fri, 30th May)
Hatch, Match & Despatch (Greenwich)
12:00 PMAn intriguing display of fans which commemorate Births, Marriages and Deaths... (Ends on Sat, 31st May) (Cost: £4)
Spitting Image: From Start to Finish (Bloomsbury)
All DayAll your favourite characters, from the programme created by Roger Law, Peter Fluck and John Lloyd, will be under one roof,  (Ends on Sat, 7th Jun) (Cost: £7)
F London's Growing Up! (Bloomsbury)
All DayAn exhibition on the plans for 230 tall towers to be built in London. (Ends on Wed, 11th Jun)
F Empire Builders: 1750 - 1950 (South Kensington)
All DayShowcasing built and unbuilt projects, it looks the many faces of British architecture around the world. (Ends on Sat, 14th Jun)
B Vikings - life and legend (Bloomsbury)
6:00 PMSwords and axes, coins and jewellery, hoards, amulets and religious images. (Ends on Sat, 21st Jun) (Cost: £16.50)
F ‘This bewitching poison’: alcohol and the Royal College of Physicians (Camden)
9:00 AMFrom the ‘Gin Craze’ in the 1700s to minimum unit pricing in 2013, this exhibition will tell stories of drinking: consumption and regulation, (Ends on Thu, 26th Jun)
F When the heroes came home: World War I Exhibition
10:00 AMA special exhibition to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the First World War. (Ends on Sun, 29th Jun)
Carscapes: How the Motor Car Reshaped England (Picadilly)
10:00 AMAn exhibition that explores the impact of the car on England's landscape and celebrates the buildings of motoring history that today are valued. (Ends on Sat, 5th Jul) (Cost: £4)
F Whisper of the Stars: Traditional Life in Arctic Siberia (Forest Hill)
All DayPhotography exhibition showing life in the far north of the planet. (Ends on Sat, 6th Sep)
Sensational Butterflies (South Kensington)
All DayCelebrate the arrival of spring with wriggly caterpillars, beautiful butterflies and majestic moths in the return of this outdoor butterfly hou (Ends on Sat, 13th Sep) (Cost: £5.50)
Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story (South Kensington)
All DayThis major exhibition showcases more than 200 specimens, objects and life-size models.  (Ends on Sat, 27th Sep) (Cost: £9)
The First Georgians (Westminster)
10:00 AMAn art exhibition that explores royal patronage and taste in the reigns of George I and George II. (Ends on Sat, 11th Oct) (Cost: £9.75)
Longitude Punk'd (Greenwich)
All DayThe steampunks are taking over the Royal Observatory, Greenwich (Ends on Sun, 4th Jan) (Cost: £7)

Location Map for Today's Events

Note: only lists venues with fixed locations - not guided walks unless a start point is known.