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London’s Alleys: Harringay Passage, N4

At just under a mile in length, this is the longest alley in London, and predates the area which is today known as the Harringay Ladder due to the way the street layout looks like a ladder.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. ROLL UP, ROLL UP the FATBERG is in town!

A lump of congealed human waste seems an unusual object for a museum, let alone one to cause so much… is excitement the correct word?

Prepare to be disgusted as the Whitechapel fatberg goes on display

If you’ve ever wanted to see a congealed mass of babies nappies, cooking fat and domestic waste, next year is your chance, as chunk of the notorious fatberg that clogged up the sewers under Whitechapel is to go on display at the Museum of London.

Tube tunnel sized sewer planned for Kensington

One of London’s lost rivers could get a tube-tunnel sized bypass under planned announced by Thames Water.

The remains of Duffield’s Sluice in Bermondsey

If you were to take a walk along the Thames riverside in Bermondsey, you might come across a slightly run down looking building with an imposing stone plaque on the wall indicating a great heritage. This is an office block

Open House – Bazalgette’s Western Pumping Station

Regular users of Victoria mainline train station may have noticed the presence of a tall brick chimney on the western side of the train tracks next to the river and maybe pondered its function. It is indeed a chimney –

A whole week of Subterranean London events

Fancy a week (well, almost) of events about the mysteries that lurk unseen under the streets of London? Sadly, mainly limited to talking about what is down there rather than actually visiting the places, the talks will still be of

Repairing the Fleet Sewer

Probably the most famous of the “lost rivers” under London is the river Fleet, an increasingly polluted river through the City which was slowly buried to hide its contents from surface dwelling folk as its contents became increasingly putrid. I

Pictures of the Digging of the Fleet Sewer

Another extract from my collection of the Illustrated London News of 1845 – this time a short item on the enlargement of the earlier sewer system running under Fleet Street. As subterranean structures are a long running passion of mine,

Crossness on The Victorians

Over the past few weeks, my Sunday evenings have been delighted by the presence of Jeremy Paxman presenting a TV series on The Victorians, looking at the history of that era through the art it inspired. Wonderful stuff and more

The Accending Room*

This morning I, as is my wont, chose to take the lift down from the 5th floor to leave the building. As I got in and instinctively reached for the G button, my nose was assailed by a most vile