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Tickets Alert: London Zoo is reopening

As with many outdoor venues, London Zoo has confirmed it can reopen while London is still in the Tier 4 lockdown.

Find the Sasan Gir railway station in central London

A short walk from Regents Park tube station you come across something strange, a quiet dusty Indian railway station waiting for trains that never come.

A trip to a socially distanced London Zoo

London Zoo has reopened, but with just a quarter of the 8,000 customers, they would normally allow into the zoo on a pre-pandemic day, what’s a visit to the socially distanced zoo like?

London Zoo reopens next week – tickets on sale today

With the sudden change of government policy, London Zoo says that it will open its gates to visitors on Monday 15th June – although entry will only be with a pre-booked ticket so they can control numbers in the zoo.

History tours of London Zoo now available

A site that is famous as much for its architecture as the animals within, London Zoo is now offering history tours of the site.

Tickets Alert: Late nights at London Zoo

Tickets for this tend to sell out fairly quickly, so if you fancy one of four evenings at London Zoo, then you need to book now.

London Zoo to help spider-phobics

If you are scared of spiders, then London Zoo is running a series of courses for phobics to help us you overcome such fears. Whilst I am not afraid of the eight-legged monsters, I don’t particularly like them and particularly

Bored at work?

One of the RSS feeds I keep an eye on is the Zoological Society of London – which is the posh name for London Zoo (and Whipsnade), mainly for keeping an eye on any events they might be having. They