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70 years of celebrating concrete

A magazine starting publishing in 1947, and it’s still going strong today, so there’s an exhibition about its namesake – concrete.

See ordinary animals as never seen before

There’s a display of ordinary animals, mundane animals, commonplace animals, and you’ll want to visit to see them, for they are in an unusual home.

Jeremy Bentham’s mummified head goes on public display

Long locked away following a botched preservation attempt, the decapitated mummified head of the philosopher, Jeremy Bentham has been put on display for the first time in decades.

Sir John Soane’s Museum to start opening on Sundays

This curiously eclectic museum in the heart of London has long been closed on Sundays, but no longer.

The V&A looks at Plywood and likes it

The ancient Egyptians invented it, the Victorians industrialised it, the Edwardians loved it, and most of us who sat on plywood chairs at school hated it.

See modern mosaics in a City of London church

Each summer, a church in the City of London hosts an exhibition of newly created mosaics from the studios of Southbank Mosaics.

London’s newest museum – the Postal and Mail Rail

A new museum has opened in London, and deep underneath, it has the ultimate toy — it’s very own private tube tunnel railway, and you can go for a ride in it.

The shattered bodies of war at the Science Museum

An exhibition at the Science Museum looks at what happens when diplomacy fails, and war shatters people, in body and mind.

Well, Well, Well, looks what’s at the Science Museum

Today marks the unveiling of two remarkable clocks at the Science Museum.

See the Royal Carriages behind Buckingham Palace

Hidden behind a rather small easy to ignore door in a high imposing wall next to Buckingham Palace can be found a large collection of regal bling.

Coventry’s Transport Museums – The Museum of British Road Transport

The third of Coventry’s museums was known as the Museum of Road Transport, which is undeniably is, but was rebranded in 2001 as the Coventry Transport Museum, which it sort of is.

Coventry’s Transport Museums – Midland Air Museum

Should you be next to Coventry Airport, or visiting the Electric Railway Museum, why not take a closer look at the aircraft tails that can be seen peeking over the hedges?