Exhibition Review

Exhibition Review

Giant model of a 1960s tower block

A small exhibition has opened, with a gigantic model of a 1960s era tower block.

400 years of Christmas traditions on display

The Geffrye Museum has, as is now traditional for them, decorated its collection of historic rooms as if they are set for Christmas.

Teenage bedrooms infest the Museum of the Home

Down in the basement can be found a mock-up of a strange place, of unusual decorations and motifs, of rebellion and solitude, of the teenager.

A memory of childhood boardgames on display

Boardgames are one of the rites of passage of aging, from simple games played a young children, through to drunken nights with friends after work. And any such product eventually ends up in a museum, with a display.

Bank of England revamps its Banknote Exhibition

A sizable museum sits inside the Bank of England, and they have recently refurbished a small corner to show off the history of the bank note.

Exhibition looks at the Victorian anti-vaccination protests

Vaccination has long been dogged by controversy, and an exhibition seeks to shine a light on the often overlooked history of early anti-vaccination protests, and the medical harm they caused.

Bagpuss, Clangers and a Steam Train

There is a small corner of a museum for children that is currently filled with excited adults screaming and sighing in delight, as Bagpuss, the Clangers, Ivor the Engine, et al have arrived.

Haunting photos of the planets go on display

Astronomy is a curious science, being both deeply technical, but also eye-wateringly beautiful. Some of that beauty gone on display at the Natural History Museum.

See the Baltic Exchange Memorial Glass

Sitting in a bit of a corner in the Maritime Museum can be found something that ideally shouldn’t be there.

Huge geological map of Britain goes on display

200 years ago a map was published. A radical map, that was so radical that the man who created it was shunned for many years.

Gold display opens at the Bank of England’s museum

The Bank of England’s museum has had a bit of a refurb recently, with a new small permanent gallery added devoted to that most iconic of banking stores — gold.

The man who designed modern British posters

Abram Games was a Jew, born to immigrant parents from Eastern Europe, who was to go on and define an era in poster design and artwork.

Modern shabtis in ancient settings – for one day only

Dotted around a museum filled with ancient Egyptian relics can be found a very modern take on an ancient religious art form. Ancient Egyptian shabtis were figures placed in tombs, to work for the deceased in the afterlife, but the

New art on display inside old museums

Two of the UCL museums in central London have both launched art exhibitions where the art is scattered amongst their more formal exhibits.

Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story

What would a timeline though a million years of the history of Britain look like? Well, mostly ice, and mostly not Britain, thanks to the vagaries of climate changes over the aeon.

War! What is it Good for? Exhibitions! That’s What!

Such is the theme of a display at the Museum of Childhood that asks in that hang-wringing angst way that this particular museum is particularly skilled at — should children play at war?

Wildlife Photography at the Natural History Museum

As someone who takes a fair amount of photos for this blog, I have a tendency to wander around places snapping away like mad at anything and everything that looks vaguely interesting, then getting home and working out which of the 600 photos are any good.

Ladies who designed post-war textiles – and mens handkerchiefs

Sitting in a modern building in the achingly fashionable Bermondsey Street is the Fashion and Textile museum, a small space for displays and talks, and of course, the obligatory fashionable café. A display that is currently on is devoted to