Around the middle of next year, it will be possible to take a ride through the disused tunnels of the Post Office Railway.

Photos from the Post Office railway tunnels

Photos from the Post Office railway tunnels

Over the past month, specially designed trains have been craned down into the tunnels for passengers to ride in, and the Postal Museum has released a couple of films of the work.

Although it was possible to ride in a specially converted train when the Post Office Railway was an operational service, it was a bit ad-hock and not at all up to modern standards.

So, the railway has commissioned some special tourist trains, with glass roofs to take people through the small tunnels that once carried a large portion of London’s letters.

Now that the Postal Museum is working on opening up part of the disused railway that runs from Whitechapel to Paddington, and when it opens, you’ll be able to board a train in the engineering depot at Mount Pleasant and travel through a section of the railway’s tunnels and station platforms in a fifteen minute trip.

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