It used to be problematic walking past the Scientologists center on Tottenham Court Road without some smartly dressed person trying to lure you inside for a “brain washing” exercise – but yesterday I saw they had set up a load of tables on Oxford St and were offering free stress tests.

It was interesting to note that nowhere on the tables or the paperwork being handed out did it mention that they are Scientologists. I guess the bad publicity that brand name has garnered is now so off-putting that people wont even stop to say hello.

However, put up tables promoting Dianetics (what’s that, people will say) and offer stress tests (we are all stressed in the New Year) and bingo – sales conversion achieved.

 Dianetics on Oxford Street

As an aside – I wonder if they had permission from Westminster Council to block the pavement in that manner, as it certainly seems odd for the council to approve that sort of set up, especially on a busy Saturday afternoon.

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