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About the Museum of Freemasonry

An impressive library and sizeable museum housed within the main headquarters of the Freemasons in England.

Contrary to their secretive reputation, the museum is open to the public, and houses a large collection of historical objects, all linked by ties to Freemasonry.

There is also usually a temporary exhibition in another room.

Mon-Sat, if the Grand Temple is not in use there are up to tours of the rest of the building daily at 11am, 12noon, 2pm, 3pm and 4pm.

IMPORTANT - Although venues are reopening, their hours may differ from normal, and most now need prebooking before you visit.


Museum of Freemasonry,
Freemasons' Hall,
60 Great Queen Street,

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to wear a face mask when visiting?

The UK government does not require face masks to be work indoors at the moment, but many venues ask people to wear them, and can refuse entry if they need to.

What's the nearest railway station to Museum of Freemasonry

The nearest station is Holborn which is 0.2 miles away.

Museum of Freemasonry - Latest News

An exhibition about a “Generous Dentist”
An exhibition about a “Generous Dentist”

An unusual dentist is the topic of an exhibition at Freemasons Hall, as this was a dentist who was also a philanthropist.

Visit the Freemason’s Museum
Visit the Freemason’s Museum

For a building that looks imposing and full of secrets, Freemason’s Hall is actually open to the public, and free to go in.

Cryptic book illustrations go on display in Freemasons’ Hall
Cryptic book illustrations go on display in Freemasons’ Hall

An exhibition of old books has gone on display in Covent Garden that seeks to explain the often cryptic messages hidden within their illustrations.

Freemasonry’s bling goes on display
Freemasonry’s bling goes on display

Deep within the stony facade of Freemasonry’s head office can be found the largest public display Masonic badges to have been staged in the UK.

Watch films inside a Freemason’s hall
Watch films inside a Freemason’s hall

Sitting inside the Andaz Liverpool Street hotel is a magnificent old Freemason Lodge meeting hall, and over the next few months, it is being used to show some classic horror movies.

Freemasonry and the First World War
Freemasonry and the First World War

That secretive organisation that has a very large, very obvious building in central London that anyone can enter for a look around has put on a display about how their organisation was affected during WW1.

Going inside the Freemason’s headquarters

Lurking near Covent Garden is the headquarters of the English branch of the mysterious and secretive Freemasons. Sadly for such a secret organisation, their head office is actually very obvious and noticable as it dominates the area with its 1920s


Recent exhibitions

Generous Dentist: Bartholomew Ruspini
An exhibition about a dentist and Freemason noted for his philanthropy.

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