This evening the shutters will be pulled across the old entrance at Tottenham Court Road tube station for the last time, as they prepare to switch the station around and start using a shiny new entrance next week.

The station is closed over the weekend, so today is the last time you could walk down those stairs and along the weirdly curving corridor.

Just a few photos:


The old entrance



The shiny new entrance, with escalators direct from street level



Old and new side-by-side



A fond old staircase



The hypnotic tunnel soon to be no more.



Hopefully, no werewolves are involved this time.



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  1. Sean Durrant says:

    It will be sad not to be able to use the station any longer.

    It was always a great opportunity to (even briefly) step back in time.

    Keep up the good work – really enjoy the Blog.


  2. Ben says:

    I’ll be really pleased when the new station opens and have no affection for the old one at all. Trying to help my immobile parents navigate those corridors with hundreds of people pushing past in narrow corridors with slippery floors is a nightmare. Time for it to go.

  3. Alexander McKenna says:

    I was trying to figure out where the old main entrance tunnels went. Under the pavement mainly, or under the actual road? What will happen to the disused parts? Especially the NW corner subway entrance. Will they be filled-in or kept as secret hideaways?

    • ianvisits says:

      Mostly under the road — the winding tunnel and the old staircase are likely to be filled in, as unused tunnels have to be looked after, which costs money.

    • Chris says:

      Most likely will be altered and closed to become an emergency exit like on similar jobs

  4. Josh R says:

    How things change! I remember when the new entrance was the site of Dionysus – great late night chippie.

  5. LadyBracknell says:

    The entrance/exit onto Oxford Street wasn’t too bad, but I really tried to avoid using those on Tottenham Court Road.

  6. Steven Taylor says:

    Re the winding tunnel. Was this straight ahead, at the bottom of the stairs or at a 90 degree angle? It`s a long time since I used the entrance, and I am just curious. Thank you.

  7. Ronnie says:

    I went passed this the other day, I have never noticed it until now, it has station closed now but that looks quite old as well. To be fair it does look quite run down, but they could of done it up and made it look really good.

    It is shut forever now? what will become of the tunnels, maybe for an emergency exit?

  8. Bernard says:

    I don’t even use the station anymore but the new set-up is shambles, it went from having three entrances to just one, resulting in hordes of people trying to cross the road by the corner of TCR/Oxford St. Many dodge through moving traffic when they don’t have the green-man right of way, and trying to manoeuvre around the corner where Carphone Warehouse is situated is damn near impossible at times. Opening the second entrance last month has not improved the situation much as it seems little used due to the pavements around there being blocked off because of Crossrail/Centrepoint workings.

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