London Events Happening in October 2015

Welcome to the IanVisits guide to lectures, talks, heritage events, organised walks and other random miscellany happening around London.

F Event is free of charge (sometimes a donation is appreciated)
B Pre-Booking required.


Saturday, 10th Oct

All DaySubBrit Conference (South Kensington)
All day conference on man made, or man used subterranean structures.
(Cost: £20)
All DayKing Harold Day (Waltham Abbey)
This event with a medieval theme commemorates King Harold, the last Saxon King of England.
(Cost: £5)
10:30 AMSELMEC Meccano Show 2015 (Eltham)
Discover three halls packed with working Meccano models of trains, planes, cranes, fairground rides and much more,
(Cost: £3.00)
11:00 AMWestbourne Park bus garage open day (Maida Vale)
F Westbourne Park Garage in north west London will open its doors to members of the public.
12:00 PMAfrica on the Square 2015 (St James)
F Come and celebrate the best of African culture in Trafalgar Square
1:00 PMWhat is potential? Exploring Aristotle, art and medicine (Camden)
F Join artist Per Huttner and a group of artists, researchers, scientists and thinkers who put Aristotle’s ideas to the test.
3:00 PMSwimming The City - Wild Pioneers & Top Spots With Caitlin Davies & Jenny Jandreth (Upper Holloway)
B Jenny Landreth has spent years exploring London's watery offerings. Packed with info and photography, her guide to the greatest spots is a must-have if you fancy a luxury length or just a quick dip.
(Cost: £5.50)
4:00 PMChurchill’s Heroines: Female Spies in WWII (Camden)
B Historian Mark Seaman and biographer Clare Mulley are joined by writer Elizabeth Buchan and Noreen Riols to talk about the lives of these remarkable women.
(Cost: £8)
4:00 PMSloth: What's in a name? (Camden)
B The ZSL keeper will answer all your questions about sloths. Are they really lazy or is that something of a myth?
(Cost: £12)


Sunday, 11th Oct

tbaTunnel Boat Trips through the Islington canal tunnel (Islington)
B Trips are led by a guide from the museum who will explain the history of the tunnel as you cruise through it.
(Cost: £8.40)
11:00 AMLondon Honey Show (Paddington)
The wide variety of stalls will offer: beekeeping equipment; hives; garden decorations; food; drink; arts and crafts; beauty products and much more.
(Cost: £1)
11:00 AMHarvest of the Sea 2015
F Annual church service held on behalf of the fish traders, and the church is usually decorated with fish nets and displays.
11:00 AMApple Day Celebration (Fulham)
F Apple displays and tastings, food and drink stalls, demonstrations, children’s activities, & baking competition
12:00 PMIan Rawes Presents A Feast Of Sounds & London Knowledge, Current & Historical (Upper Holloway)
B The London Sound Survey is a glorious gathering of sounds from the urban hubbub, with streets, waterways, animals, chimes, engines, ambience
(Cost: £5.50)
2:45 PMHow John Peel Changed The World-a Social Musical History Of A Changing Culture (Upper Holloway)
B Cavanagh covers some 300 Peel radio shows bringing him into vivid focus.
(Cost: £5.50)


Monday, 12th Oct

1:00 PMMass Burials from St Mary Spital, London (Barbican)
B A lecture about emergency mass burial pits in London that revealed evidence of a global catastrophic volcanic event.
(Cost: Free)
2:00 PMThe Bombing Campaign of WWI (Clerkenwell)
B This talk will discuss Britain status as ‘no longer an island’ as lighter than air technology brought Zeppelins and then aeroplanes to bomb London with consequences for all in a new total war.
(Cost: Free)
2:30 PMEdith Cavell Centenary Walk (Whitechapel)
B A guided tour of the grounds of the Royal London Hospital, East London, where Edith Cavell trained and worked as a nurse.
(Cost: £5 donation to Cavell Nurses Trust)
6:30 PMFrom site to showcase: archaeology, collecting, and the great debate
B This lecture focuses on the ancient art market, collecting, museums and the academic sphere, with examples related to Israel and its environs.
(Cost: Free)
7:30 PMTwelfth Night, the Undead, and the Possession of Malvolio (Southwark)
B A talk on the Jacobean understanding of the Twelfth Night: a time of ghosts and the blurring of the barriers between the living and the dead.
(Cost: £8.80)


Tuesday, 13th Oct

12:30 PMStained glass in the City (Barbican)
B Discover the Stained Glass of the City of London in this illustrated talk by Alexandra Epps.
(Cost: Free, but booking is advised)
12:30 PMStained Glass in the City (Barbican)
F Discover the Stained Glass of the City of London in this illustrated talk by Alexandra Epps.
1:00 PMFrom Wonder to Understanding: Beginning a Journey (Holborn)
B This lecture will consider the place of evidence in science and religion, looking particularly at some of the debates about the rationality of faith associated with “New Atheist” writings.
(Cost: Free)
6:00 PM A Study in Scarlet: From Crime Scene to Courthouse (Tooting)
An evening of talks and lectures by the Pathology & Forensic Medicine Society.
(Cost: £2)
6:00 PMSurviving in Victorian Times, and How Chemistry Protects Us Now (Euston)
F A talk about the use of unregulated chemicals in Victorian times, and their hazards.
6:30 PMOverpowered!: the Science and Showbiz of Hypnosis (Camden)
B Overpowered! by Christopher Green is the first popular, illustrated history of hypnosis.
(Cost: £8.00)
6:30 PM1984 London (Regent Street)
B This trail explores George Orwell's dystopian nightmare: the world of Big Brother, the Thought Police and Room 101.
(Cost: £10.00)
6:30 PMA Magnificent Man And His Enigma Machine (Upper Holloway)
B Come and be transfixed by tales from the remarkable science of cryptography, and how it has changed the course of history.
(Cost: £5.50)
6:30 PMFrom Burke to 'Burking' - The Legacy of Burke & Hare
B A talk about the body snatchers, how it left its chilling mark on British history, and still infiltrates popular culture today.
(Cost: £9.50)
7:00 PMFirst Prime Minister of the London Empire: William Beckford, Jamaican Planter & Lord Mayor of London (1709 – 1770) (Holborn)
This talk examines the life of William Beckford, twice Lord Mayor of London, and one of the largest slave-owners in the British Empire.
(Cost: £5)
7:30 PMAda Lovelace Day Live! 2015 (Holborn)
B Playing host to the UK’s most fabulous women in STEM, ALD Live is an entertaining evening of geekery, comedy and music suitable for women and men,
(Cost: £20.00)
7:30 PMPortcullis Trust : Matthew Taylor - Evening Talk at Queen Charlotte Hall (Richmond)
RSA Chief Executive, Matthew Taylor offers a vision for the future - a world where every individual has the freedom and opportunity to develop their unique capabilities to the full.
(Cost: £10)


Wednesday, 14th Oct

7:00 PMThe Queen’s Dwarf: who was Jeffrey Hudson? (East Molesey)
B A talk about the 'queen's dwarf', a life of slavery, redemption, riches, and poverty.
(Cost: £15)
7:00 PMThe Ocean Debates (Hanover Square)
B To celebrate the Royal Research Ship Discovery's visit to the Thames, physicist and oceanographer Helen Czerski presents a night delving into the mysteries of the deep.
(Cost: £12.00)
7:30 PMA Time Travelling History of London (City of London)
B Join Dr Matthew Green on an historical journey through 800 years of London’s history.
(Cost: £9)


Thursday, 15th Oct

10:45 AMGuildhall Tour followed by watching the City Common Council (Bishopsgate)
Tour of the City of London's historic Guildhall, followed by attending the Common Council.
(Cost: £7)
3:00 PMAn Audience with David Suchet
B Hear from David about his career in TV, theatre and film that has spanned 5 decades,
(Cost: £33)
5:30 PMLeadership, loyalty and the rise of Jeremy Corbyn
B The columnist and broadcaster, Steve Richards, will explain how Labour moved from Blair to Corbyn and argue that nearly all media orthodoxies in relation to this journey are wrong.
(Cost: Free)
6:00 PMA Body in the River: The Application of Environmental Science in Murder Investigations (Holborn)
B Drawing on macabre and fascinating case studies, the lecture will range from particular cases to general priniciples of tracing bodies, and the application of science in supporting the law.
(Cost: Free)
6:00 PMPetrie Film Club presents: The Kingdom of Bones
B A screening of this episode from Murder Rooms set in late nineteenth-century Edinburgh in which doctor turned detective Joseph Bell is asked to unwrap a mummy but finds a recently murdered corpse.
(Cost: £5)
6:30 PMCracking Cryptic Crosswords - The History & Top Tips, From A Master... (Upper Holloway)
B Do you aspire to being an expert clue-cracker? Then nothing could be better than meeting professional crossword setter Tim Moorey.
(Cost: £5.50)
6:30 PMGeorge Gilbert Scott: the family that built Gothic Britain (Strand)
B Following on from the 2014 BBC documentary, this lecture explores the impact of the Gilbert Scott family on our nation’s architecture.
(Cost: £25 )
6:30 PMMaking master class: lampworking glass
B Join Dr Shelley James from the Royal College of Art as she invites participants to work glass using the latest generation of portable flameworking torches.
(Cost: £12)
7:00 PMUncovering the Crime Museum: meet the experts (Barbican)
B Hear from two police officers responsible for working with the 'black museum' of crime at Scotland Yard.
(Cost: £15)
7:00 PMThe Thing Is... Beards (Camden)
F B Historian Alun Whithey will look to the 18th century, when the beard fell out of favour and the clean-shaven look became popular.
7:00 PMVitriol and Letheon - ether frolics and medicine (Southwark)
B A talk about the history of ether and its use in anesthetics.
(Cost: £8)
7:30 PMThe Building of Chalcot Square (Hampstead)
Frank Kelsall will discuss what happened after the fragmentation of the Southampton Estate, which seems to be an unexplored topic.
(Cost: £1)


Friday, 16th Oct

1:00 PMThe age of the British Isles
B A special pop-up exhibition exploring the age of one of the most geologically diverse places on Earth - the British Isles.
(Cost: Free)


Saturday, 17th Oct

tbaThe Dark Secrets of Hyde Park and the Pet Cemetery (Paddington)
B A guided walk around Hyde park, including visit to the rarely open Pet Cemetery.
(Cost: £15)
All DayAutumn Amble guided walk across the Capital
F Get your best foot forward this autumn, and enjoy the changing landscape on one of TfL’s 40 guided walks.
1:00 PMExecution Sites of London and the History of Beheading (West Brompton)
B A talk about the history of capital punishment in the Capital city.
(Cost: £12)
3:30 PMGreat Plagues - Pandemics of Past and Present (West Brompton)
B A talk about recent understanding of the Great Plagues, and their modern equivalents.
(Cost: £12)


Sunday, 18th Oct

All DayAutumn Amble guided walk across the Capital
F Get your best foot forward this autumn, and enjoy the changing landscape on one of TfL’s 40 guided walks.
11:00 AMApple Day at Woodlands Farm (Welling)
F There will be music and a variety of activities including crafts, a treasure hunt, and apple pressing to make delicious juice.
11:00 AMGuided Tour of Spitalfields Charnel House (Whitechapel)
B This guided tour will provide rare access into the Charnel House under Spitalfields.
(Cost: £8)
1:00 PMLondon's Architecture of Death (West Brompton)
B Two talks on the architecture and history of London's cemeteries and their mausoleums.
(Cost: £12)
2:00 PM'The Prisoner' London locations walkabout tour
F Walking tour taking in over 20 different 'Prisoner' locations, culminating in Number Six's London home.
3:30 PMCrypts and Charnel Houses (West Brompton)
B Two speakers on the charnel houses of London, including vaults being cleared for modern restaurants.
(Cost: £12)
7:30 PMWaterloo - The Best of ABBA Tribute Show
B The ribute show 'Waterloo' looks back at the sensational rise to stardom, and gives fans the opportunity to experience the thrill of a live Abba show.
(Cost: £25.40 - £40.40)


Monday, 19th Oct

12:30 PMRemembering the West Indian contribution to the First World War (St James)
F B This talk will outline the diversity of its wartime role and how it is now remembered.
1:00 PMRitual Protection Marks and Witchcraft at Knole, Kent (Barbican)
B An historic building survey at Knole, Kent enabled a very surprising revelation about the history of the house in the early 17th century.
(Cost: Free)
6:30 PMCreativity, Modernism and Tradition (Holborn)
B Drawing from the life work of Sir John Soane – one of Britain’s greatest architects and collectors - the series offers a perspective on how designers draw inspiration
(Cost: Free)
6:30 PMWhat should a city sound like? (St James)
F Explore how psychology, acoustics and urban planning collide in the emerging field of soundscape design.


Tuesday, 20th Oct

1:00 PMBeyond male role models?
B Martin Robb presents key findings from a recent ESRC-funded research project, carried out by Open University in partnership with Action for Children, exploring gender identities and practices in work
(Cost: Free)
5:45 PMBell ringing to mark Agincourt600 (Whitechapel)
F Three hours of bell ringing, with public access to the church tower from 8pm.
6:00 PMPower and Beauty (Camden)
an evening of lectures on constitutional history and royal power by expert speakers.
(Cost: £10)
6:00 PMPower and beauty: an evening in celebration of Magna Carta and medieval charters (Camden)
B Suffering the symptoms of Magna Carta withdrawal after this summer’s celebrations?
(Cost: £10 including a glass of wine or soft drink.)
6:30 PMNatural Capital: valuing the planet (Holborn)
B Natural capital is what nature provides to us for free
(Cost: Free)
6:30 PMAn Evening with Mary Beard (Picadilly)
B An event celebrating the publication of SPQR, a new look at Roman history from one of the world's foremost classicists: Professor Mary Beard.
(Cost: £5)


Wednesday, 21st Oct

1:00 PMPacked Lunch: Vaccine Confidence (Camden)
F Are you confident about vaccines? Pauline Paterson discusses what the concerns are, why these persist and how they keep track of levels of confidence
4:00 PMUCL Academic Centre of Excellence for Cyber Security Research afternoon
B UCL’s Academic Centre of Excellence for Cyber Security Research is opening its doors for a series of short talks delivered by the Centre’s new staff.
(Cost: Free)
6:00 PMMedieval medicine cabinet (Strand)
F B Fabricating pharmaceuticals from the medieval medicine cabinet
6:30 PMLondon Under Attack: the moral complexities of WWII bombings (Holborn)
B Should the British War Cabinet have used double agents to redirect raids away from Central London and towards less populated areas?
(Cost: Free)
6:30 PMThe Power of Maps in the Second World War (Covent Garden)
B Join authors and map experts Barbara Bond and Peter Chasseaud for an evening of cartographic indulgence and histor
(Cost: £3)


Thursday, 22nd Oct

All Day1001 Days in London photo exhibition (Southwark)
A mosaic of 1001 b/w photographs by Steve Hollingshead brings together fragments and traces of people and places.
(Cost: Free)
2:00 PMPigeons, prisoners and panic: Records of espionage in First World War Britain (Richmond)
F B A talk about German spies, paranoia, and the role of the humble pigeon as friend and potential foe in wartime Britain.
5:00 PMImperial Fringe: Cities of the future (South Kensington)
F The Cities of the future Fringe will focus on a range of projects and research from across the College aimed towards improving city life.
6:00 PMAgincourt or Azincourt? Victory, Defeat, and the War of 1415 (Barbican)
B If we cry God for Harry, England and St George, we tell only half the story.
(Cost: Free)
6:20 PMDickens By Candlelight
B Rooms evocatively lit with an array of candles will transport you back into the Victorian era at an evening opening.
(Cost: £15)
6:30 PMDenys Lasdun & The National Theatre - Architectural Masterpiece or was Prince Charles Right After All? (Covent Garden)
B The lecture looks at the life and work of Denys Lasdun, including other buildings he designed, but focuses on the National Theatre.
(Cost: £10)
6:30 PMBeside the Georgian Seaside (Tottenham Court Road)
B A talk about the rise and fall of the seaside as a Georgian and Victorian pleasure day out.
(Cost: £10)
7:00 PMSleep talking (St James)
F Most of us will spend around a third of our lives asleep. Why do we need to do this? And what effect does it have on our creativity?
7:30 PMGraphic Sex Talk by Stephen Lowther (Soho North)
F Stephen will be discussing all aspects of sex throughout the history of comics.
7:30 PMCries of London: Slingin' the Old Jack Lang: London's Coster Language, Rhyming Slang (City of London)
B Cries of London: Slingin' the Old Jack Lang: London's Coster Language, Rhyming Slang
(Cost: £9)
7:30 PMKenneth Branagh: "force Of Nature" By Prof. Mark White (Hampstead)
B Professor Mark White, a very popular speaker returns to the Library to with his talk about the Kenneth Branagh.
(Cost: £6.60)


Saturday, 24th Oct

tbaThe Dark Secrets of Hyde Park and the Pet Cemetery (Paddington)
B A guided walk around Hyde park, including visit to the rarely open Pet Cemetery.
(Cost: £15)
1:00 PMForensics, Coroners and Decomposition (West Brompton)
B A talk about the history of death investigation in this country.
(Cost: £12)
2:00 PMCurator's Talk: The Fallen Woman
F Professor Lynda Nead reveals some of the hidden stories of women who left their children at the Foundling Hospital.
2:00 PMMagic Lantern Show (Walthamstow)
F Gary Heales reveals highlights from the Museum's eclectic collection of lantern slides, including images of the Lea Vallery in the 1930s.
5:00 PMLight offerings at The Petrie
B Take part in an interactive workshop in discovering the secrets behind making an ancient Egyptian light offering before joining a procession to celebrate in creating your own light offering to the Gods.
(Cost: Free)


Sunday, 25th Oct

11:00 AM From Pillar to Post: GPO London Walking Tour
Join an accredited guide for a walking tour through 350 years of London’s postal history.
(Cost: £7)
12:00 PMThe October Plenty (Southwark)
F October Plenty is an Autumn harvest celebration held annually in Southwark.
1:00 PMPathology and Osteology (West Brompton)
B The Museum of London’s curator of osteology uncovers the history of London’s skeletal remains.
(Cost: £12)
2:00 PMTours of Hornsey Town Hall (Hornsey)
B Guided tours of the 1930s modernist town hall, currently being converted into an arts centre.
(Cost: £5.50)
3:30 PMAn Atheist's Vision of Death (West Brompton)
B Professor Grayling invites us to live the chosen life rather than one imposed on us by doctrine and dogma.
(Cost: £12)
4:00 PMFestival of Light
F A parade followed by flame and pyrotechnics display set to Indian classical music.
8:00 PMSéance. An Interactive Illusion (Stockwell)
B This reconstruction of a Victorian séance is an evening of uncanny spectacle. Prepare for darkness, rituals and answers to all life's questions.
(Cost: £13.20)


Monday, 26th Oct

5:15 PMWhat do young people think about the Holocaust? A national study with international significance
B The UCL Centre for Holocaust Education is launching its latest major research into what young people in English secondary schools know and understand about the Holocaust.
(Cost: Free)
6:30 PMUCL Art Museum Film Club: House of Wax (1953)
B Classic horror with Vincent Price who fills a wax-work museum with real dead people.
(Cost: £5)
6:30 PMAn Evening of Dreams: A Literary Round Table (Bloomsbury)
B A collection of authors describe the role of dreams and dreaming in their own practice.
(Cost: £6.12)


Tuesday, 27th Oct

All DayGlaziers’ Art Fair (Southwark)
B Some 50 exhibitors will be showcasing glass art and conservation; together with selected works in other media.
(Cost: £9.22)
6:00 PMThe 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review and its Implications (Barbican)
B Lord Robertson, former UK Defence Secretary and Secretary General of NATO, will discuss the Review and its importance and relevance in securing Britain in an age of uncertainty.
(Cost: Free)
6:00 PMOenoOrganoleptics: Why does the same wine taste different? (Euston)
B In this lecture we will learn why people have different wine experiences, and we will delve into the areas of sensory science and human physiology.
(Cost: Free)
6:00 PM50 fewer MPs: challenges for the next constituencies review?
(Cost: Free)
6:00 PMThe future of the BBC
B Lord Fowler will cover the Charter review with particular reference to the financing of the BBC and to the provision of services.
(Cost: Free)
6:30 PMAn Atlas of Countries That Don't Exist (Covent Garden)
B Nick Middleton will reveal the shadowy and surprisingly large world of countries that don’t exist.
(Cost: £3)
6:30 PMThe Munich Art Hoard (South Kensington)
B Join Catherine Hickley, a leading journalist in the field of Nazi-looted art, as she tells the fascinating story of Hitler’s art dealer, Hildebrand Gurlitt, and the incredible collection he amassed.
(Cost: £10, £7 concessions)
7:00 PMGeorge Hibbert M.P. (1757-1837) and the Defence of British Slavery (Holborn)
A talk about George Hibbert, an early and powerful defender of the slave trade and later slavery.
(Cost: £5)


Wednesday, 28th Oct

All DayGlaziers’ Art Fair (Southwark)
B Some 50 exhibitors will be showcasing glass art and conservation; together with selected works in other media.
(Cost: £9.22)
2:00 PM‘Hands on’ with the London Museums of Health and Medicine (Holborn)
F The Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons hosts a drop-in event to celebrate medical collections around London.
6:00 PMFree Speech and the Study of History (Barbican)
B The lecturer, who has just completed a book on free speech, will argue that phenomena such as Holocaust denial are better contested by the completely free debate
(Cost: Free)
6:30 PMHow to Kill a Vampire - Halloween Lecture
A talk on the history of vampire slaying in both folklore and fiction, from the iconic wooden stake to ultraviolet bullets.
(Cost: £9.50)
7:00 PMWalk with a curator: death at the Tower (Tower Hill)
B An after dark to explore the burials, murders and mysteries of the Tower of London.
(Cost: £20)
7:00 PMPortraits of photosynthesis: meet the artist (Hanover Square)
F Join Odra Noel for a drink and discuss her new exhibition 'Portraits of photosynthesis', at this informal opening night in the Ri's Atrium.


Thursday, 29th Oct

4:00 PMWomen in Mathematics: The Bicentenary of Ada Lovelace (Holborn)
B The main speaker, Professor Ursula Martin, will discuss <em>The Scientific Life of Ada Lovelace
(Cost: Free)
6:30 PMHalloween History Showoff (New Cross)
B What happens if you fill a pub with clever and lovely people then invite loads of amazing experts on the past to entertain them? Join us at the Amersham Arms on Thursday 29 October to hear Goldsmit
(Cost: £6.60)


Friday, 30th Oct

6:00 PMThe Great Small World of John Quekett (Holborn)
F Celebrate the wonders of the microscopic world through talks, demonstrations and art workshops.
6:30 PMSpirited London: Gin and the City (Covent Garden)
B Journey through the long and chequered history of gin, from its medicinal roots, through the 18th Century Gin Craze, up to today’s gin resurgence.
(Cost: £15)
7:30 PMNosferatu: A Symphony of Horror at The Musical Museum (Brentford)
This silent film will be accompanied by Donald MacKenzie on the Mighty Wurlitzer.
(Cost: £11.00)
7:30 PMNosferatu: A Symphony of Horror (Brentford)
B This silent film will be accompanied by Donald MacKenzie on the Mighty Wurlitzer.
(Cost: £11)


Saturday, 31st Oct

10:30 AMThe Regent Street Motor Show (Regent Street)
F The largest free-to-view motor show in the UK, showcasing an impressive 125 years of motoring history.
10:45 AMCroxley Great Barn tour (Rickmansworth)
Visit the c.1397 Grade 2 listed ‘threshing’ barn, over 100ft x 40ft in size, with a fine crownpost roof.
(Cost: tba)
11:00 AMThe Derelict London Tour Of Bow Creek (Bow)
B This (approx) 3 hour walk covers the Lower River Lea from Bromley by Bow to Leamouth via Canning Town.
(Cost: £12.10)
6:00 PMA Petrie Film Club special: a tribute to Christopher Lee
B Join Egyptologist John J Johnston as he looks back over the life and career of the iconic British actor, Sir Christopher Lee.
(Cost: £5)
6:30 PMHalloween at the Grant Museum
Where better to spend Halloween than in a room of scary skeletons and skulls?
(Cost: £5)
7:00 PMThe First Vampyre - Lord Byron's Physician Dr Polidori (Southwark)
B A talk about Lord Byron's doctor, John William Polidori, and his literary invention of the Vampire.
(Cost: £8)