London Events Happening in April 2015

Welcome to the IanVisits guide to lectures, talks, heritage events, organised walks and other random miscellany happening around London.

F Event is free of charge (sometimes a donation is appreciated)
B Pre-Booking required.


Tuesday, 28th Apr

6:30 PMThe Power of a Single Number: a political history of GDP
B Why has GDP become the most powerful statistical figure in human history, and why have previous attempts to “dethrone” its importance proven futile?
(Cost: Free)


Wednesday, 29th Apr

6:30 PMBeyond Election Day: Power, Money, Government and Responsibility
F B A panel debate on a new moral direction for politics ahead of the general election.


Thursday, 30th Apr

All DayLondon Coffee Festival (Whitechapel)
B Four days of events about coffee with lots of different things happening throughout the weekend.
(Cost: From £11.50)
6:30 PMInequality: what can be done?
B Introducing his new book, Inequality: what can be done? , Professor Atkinson will argue we can do much more about inequality than skeptics imagine.
(Cost: Free)
6:30 PMJonathan Meades (South Kensington)
B A talk by the famous writer, journalist, essayist and film-maker.
(Cost: £9)
7:45 PMThe Derbyshire Mummified Fairy
B The hoax creator Dan Baines gives a full account of what he did, why he did it and the strange repercussions that followed.
(Cost: £3)