Special tube train tour next month on the Underground

Quite exciting, in a tube geek sort of way, for next month one of the last 1967 era Victoria Line trains will take a special trip around the tube network to mark the end of those trains in service.

You might be aware that most of them have been replaced by newer shiny trains over the past year.

This special trip not only marks the end of the ’67 stock, but it also marks the first (and last) time that specific train will run along the Piccadilly, District and Metropolitan lines.

The trip is on Sunday 15th May and the train will leave Seven Sisters at 10:13am and return at approximately 4pm, taking the following route:

  • Seven Sisters platform 4 – Northumberland Park staff platform
  • Northumberland Park staff platform – Uxbridge via Finsbury Park and Rayners Lane
  • Uxbridge – Barons Court siding via Rayners Lane and Acton Town
  • Barons Court siding – Ealing Broadway via Acton Town
  • Ealing Broadway – Seven Sisters via Acton Town and Finsbury Park


They cost £30 – which is for the entire day. Yes, this is a full day event (yes, there will be toilet breaks!).

Sadly, in my financially depleted condition, I shall have to give this one a miss Thanks to a generous benefactor, I shall be attending this event – although a full day would be a bit much, even for me – but I shall be out somewhere to watch it go past on a line it has never been on before.

All profits are going to the Railway Children Charity.

For tickets, please contact London Transport Museum bookings office on 020 7565 7298 or Book Online

Note: Their website still seems to have problems with Firefox browsers, so phone or use a different browser if necessary to book tickets.

The last 1967 stock train in regular passenger service on the Victoria line is expected to run on Friday 1st July 2011.

8 thoughts on “Special tube train tour next month on the Underground

  1. I’ll come along and keep everyone entertained. Sadly I don’t have the money. If you are feeling generous, I’d love a free ticket.. and I’ll tell everyone about it!

    1. aha :)
      Also, I wonder how I always manage to find out about this kind of thing first from you, rather than the LT Museum Friends (of which I’m a member), or the LT Museum Facebook page?

  2. Would like to go but a full day event is a bit long to be stuck on a train, even if it is a last time it will go along that line. Is the train going to be painted in the old style or is it a “normal” train?

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