Free tours of Victoria Tower at the Houses of Parliament

As part of a UK-wide Discovering Places event, Parliament is leading short tours, showing familiar yet unexpected aspects of its buildings and works of art.

Although most of the tour options are ones that anyone who goes in to the building for the tours (or work) will be familiar with, there is a behind the scenes tour of Victoria Tower on offer which is a rather interesting.

If you are not aware of it – Victoria Tower is the large tower block at the other end of Parliament from Big Ben, and houses the Parliamentary Archives and copies of all the bills passed by Parliament.

I was also tempted by the tour of the Crypt Chapel, as that is quite rare for us members of the public to get into.

Tours are only available on Friday 23 July.

Other tour options include

Westminster Hall; Crypt Chapel of St Mary Undercroft and The Contemporary Portrait Collection tour.

More details here

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