Military Flypasts over London (and surrounds)

Collating details as they are published of the various military aircraft flypasts over London and local area, as I do – and it is about as ready as it is likely to get.

Apart from the big flypast in June for the Queen’s Birthday, there seems to be a decent flypast over St Paul’s Cathedral and Whitehall in September.

Apart from that,a couple over the RAF Museum in North London (Hendon) and Bletchley Park seems to do quite well this year. Most of the flypasts are by the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, with some by the Red Arrows. The Typhoon (Eurofighter) flypast details haven’t been released yet.

I’ll update the details below as and when I get fresh information.

The from/to columns may offer a hint of the route being flown along if you can’t get to the key location. Closer to the date, I can sometimes get flight plans for some of the routes.

Date Day Key Location From To Aircraft Time
May 5th Wed Hendon (details) RAF Westcott, Berkshire Coningsby Spitfire 1:20pm
May 13th Thur Hendon Coningsby Coningsby Hurricane & Spitfire 7:30pm
May 15th Sat Rinkmansworth Duxford Old Warden Hurricane & Spitfire tba
May 30th Sun Bletchley Park Coningsby Southend Lancaster tba
May 30th Sun Southend-on-Sea Red Arrows Between 2-5pm
May 31st Mon Bletchley Park Bulford, Wiltshire Sharnbrook Dakota 3:05pm
June 8th Tue RAF Northolt Coningsby Coningsby Hurricane & Spitfire tba
June 12th Sat Buckingham Palace, Central London Waterbeach RAF Northolt Hurricane, Spitfire & Red Arrows 1pm
June 12th Sat RAF Northolt Central London Naphill Hurricane & Spitfire 1:05pm
June 19th Sat Bletchley Park Broom Leys, Coalville Blunsdon, Swindon Dakota tba
Thur Headley Court, Nr Leatherhead, Surrey RAF Digby Coningsby Spitfire 7:30pm
July 3rd Sat Bletchley Park Waddington Alconbury Spitfire 3:25pm
July 4th Sun Bletchley Park Feltwell Milton Keynes Dakota 3:15pm
July 6th Tue Buckingham Place     Red Arrows 2pm
July 18th Sun Bletchley Park Henley Wrestlingworth Lancaster tba
Aug 20th Fri Whitehall Biggin Hill Uxbruidge Hurricane & Spitfire 3:30pm-4:15pm
Aug 30th Mon Bletchley Park Dinton Twinwoods Hurricane & Spitfire tba
Sept 4th Sat Bletchley Park Chatteris Saffron Walden Lancaster tba
Sept 7th Tue St Paul’s Cathedral, Central London Coningsby Coningsby Dakota, Lancaster & Spitfire tba
Sept 15th Wed Waterloo Place, Central London Biggin Hill Halton Spitfire – may also include Red Arrows. tba
Sept 19th Sun Westminster, Central London Kemble Kemble Hurricane & Spitfire 12:30pm

2 thoughts on “Military Flypasts over London (and surrounds)

  1. I assume that you are aware that you can get details of flypasts over London by looking at the NOTAMS on the AIS web-site, or the US DoD ‘JCS’ site. Usually gives dates and times.

    Also, don’t forget the flypast at the start of the Lod Mayor’s Show in London, 2nd Sunday in November, at 11am.

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