The A1 Tornado Steam Train Arrives in London

Just a heads up that the A1 Tornado, the first steam train to be built in the UK for nearly 50 years will be making its first commercial passenger trip tomorrow (Sat 7th Feb), and will be expected at Kings Cross station at around 1:45pm.

Even better, according to a local news report, the platform will be open to the public to view the train for about an hour after its arrival.

A1 TornadoWhere to see Tornado on Saturday

Passes Doncaster: 09.38
Waters Retford: 10.04–10.19
Passes Newark: 10.41
Passes Grantham: 10.55
Waters Peterborough Yard: 11.31–11.56
Passes Peterborough: 12.00
Passes Huntingdon: 12.21
Passes Sandy: 12.29
Passes Biggleswade: 12.34
Passes Hitchin: 12.46
Passes Stevenage: 12.53
Passes Welwyn Garden City: 13.05
Passes Potters Bar: 13.17
Passes Alexandra Palace: 13.30
Passes Finsbury Park: 13.38
Arrives London King’s Cross: 13.47

(evidently, the weather may play a foul hand overnight and ruin the event)

3 thoughts on “The A1 Tornado Steam Train Arrives in London

  1. Yeh i’d like to know that too. Did you ever find out? I’d like to see it in London on April 18th but I can’t find the time.

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