Blog design changes

If you use the RSS feed, this blog posting will probably be meaningless to you – but if you are reading this on the website itself, then you might have noticed that I have changed the aesthetics of the blog.

Not out of boredom (although that was a slight factor), but as I am working on a new toy for the blog and it really needed a 3 column layout for the website, so I took the opportunity to hunt for a new template for the blog at the same time.

Still making a few tweaks over this weekend – hope to launch the “new toy” in a week or two.

3 thoughts on “Blog design changes

  1. I like the three-column layout! But the text is so tiny — any chance of upping the font size a bit? Not necessarily in the side columns, but it would be nice to be able to read the main content without having to bump up the size in my browser.

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