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What's on in London during March 2017

The IanVisits guide to unusual events, tours, lectures and exhibitions happening around London.

Wednesday, 1st March

From secret marriages, a lurking crocodile and London’s first bus route, to an underground river, a one-legged crossing-sweeper and the world’s first consulting detective, Marylebone has some strange tales to tell. ( )

Join Gustav Milne as he discusses his experiences and insights from his work on some of the foremost fire digs. ( )

This lecture will describe the constraints of the physical space in No 10, and how the premiership evolved through four stages over the last 300 years. ( )

Thursday, 2nd March

Jason Lotay takes us on a mathematical journey across multiple dimensions, exploring their role in art, science and popular culture.
Six speakers will unpack the identity of six styles that have dominated the period and clear away some of the fog. This week Post-Modernism with Tim Brittain-Catlin. ( )

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Saturday, 4th March

Learn to make simple coil baskets from grasses. ( )

Visit one of the Geffrye's 18th-century almshouses which has been fully restored to its original condition. ( )

Monthly open day at one of London's more curious and delightful museums, devoted to the history of the sewing machine. ( )

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Sunday, 5th March

Step back in history and visit the terminus building of London's original international airport - in Croydon. ( )

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Tuesday, 7th March

Find out about their politics, and their interactions with feminist supporters.
On 13th of December 1600 Thomas Clifton was on his way to school in the City of London. He never made it. ( )

An evening in the Sir John Soane's Museum with the rooms lit by candles. ( )

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Thursday, 9th March

Dr Horan will discuss swearing practices in different languages, and whether we could teach the art of swearing.
Historian Dr Elizabeth Williams will discuss the research that went into her book, The Politics of Race in Britain and South Africa ( )

Panellists will reflect on their own personal experiences and also highlight some of the challenges facing women in the police today. ( )

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Friday, 10th March

This will be a chance to watch a simulated operation performed by a surgical robot. ( )

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Tuesday, 14th March

This talk by Robert Stephenson describes the treatment of royal bodies and the evolution of royal mourning in England down the centuries. ( )

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Wednesday, 15th March

Dr Bettany Hughes will talk about her epic new biography, taking us on a dazzling historical journey through the many incarnations of one of the world’s greatest cities. ( )

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Thursday, 16th March

A special screening of the film London Overground, retracing London writer Iain Sinclair’s journey. ( )

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Tuesday, 21st March

Find out more about the history of the Bank of England and the production of its banknotes, from Curator Jennifer Adam.  ( )

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Wednesday, 22nd March

If machines can save us time and open up new types of roles, then surely we should embrace the change? ( )

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Saturday, 25th March

Over 40 hand-picked layouts from around the globe on display, for all railway enthusiasts ( )

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Sunday, 26th March

Over 40 hand-picked layouts from around the globe on display, for all railway enthusiasts ( )

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Monday, 27th March

Video games: a series of talks exploring the relationship between video games, history, politics and art. ( )

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Thursday, 30th March

An afternoon of talks focusing on women in the First World War. ( )

A late view of our new exhibition Books: Used and Abused, at which David Pearson, author of Books as History, will build on the exhibition to explore this theme.  ( )

Former scientist and editor-at-large of Londonist Matt Brown picks apart some of the best known 'facts' about science, drawing on his forthcoming book Everything You Know About Science is Wrong. ( )

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Friday, 31st March

An evening conversation on weddings, vintage dresses and wartime East London, with the book launch of 'The Wedding Girls'. ( )

Watch the two cult sci-fi movies on a large IMAX screen. ( )