Southwark Cathedral - Latest news and reviews

Photos from the roof of Southwark Cathedral

Although old churches and Cathedrals are increasingly overlooked by modern towers, they can still offer stunning views of London from their rooftops.

Ancient Clay Under London Bridge Station Turned into Art

Untouched for more than 50 million years, London clay dug up from underneath London Bridge railway station has been handed to local potters to turn into artworks.

Your chance to photograph Southwark Cathedral in candlelight

Southwark Cathedral is planning a special night where the interior will be lit by candles, just for photographers.

A look around Southwark Cathedral

London has three four Cathedrals, and while two – St Paul’s and Westminster — are famous, (And it seems, a fourth one I have never even heard of) Southwark has always seemed to me to be a bit overlooked, which

Today marks the 800th Anniversary of the Great Fire of Southwark

Today marks what is possibly the 800th anniversary of the Great Fire of Southwark – which burst forth around the 10th July 1212. The date is difficult to pin down exactly, with reports varying from the 10th to the 12th