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The anniversary of the last public execution in the UK

Today marks the anniversary of the last public execution in the UK, of Michael Barrett who was found – dubiously – guilty of the Clerkenwell bombing.

Why the Old Bailey is called the Old Bailey

The grand building that houses the Central Criminal Court of England and Wales is often called the Old Bailey. But why?

The City of London is seeking a new Recorder

There is a vacancy for the role of Recorder of London, a titular title that dates all the way back to a charter granted by King Henry VI in 1444, although the position itself can be reliably dated back to the year 1298.

The Destruction of London’s Newgate Prison

We are at war with the Catholics, we have always been at war with the Catholics. In a move which would impress George Orwell, the politicians of 1780 were seeking to change the above statement so that the British were

Ghosts on the London Underground

Considering the dark dark corners, strange noises and abandoned tunnels that litter the soil under London, it is possibly no surprise that stories of hauntings have emerged over the years. On Wednesday, a couple of authors who have recently written

Of Roman Baths, Body Snatchers and Australian Convicts

Hidden away in central London is a historic bath house – originally credited as being built by Romans, although that is frankly, a rather dubious heritage. Anyhow, some years ago, I visited this spot when with a group of friends