Isle Of Dogs - Latest news, articles and photos

Isle Of Dogs - Latest news, articles and photos

Have you ever spotted a saint’s washing line?

A block of 1930s council flats on the Isle of Dogs have a couple of tall posts with a decorative finial — but what are they?

London Public Art: Woman with Fish by Frank Dobson

This sculpture at the bottom of the Isle of Dogs is a modern replica of a work of public art that used to sit outside the Cleveland Estate of council housing in Whitechapel.

A memorial garden on the Isle of Dogs

A small garden laid out in two circles can be found near Canary Wharf that was created in memory of those who have worked on the Isle of Dogs.

Unbuilt London: The Isle of Dogs Airport

In the post-war period when London had a surplus of rubble and empty spaces, an airport was planned in the docklands area with SIX runways.

20th Anniversary of the BNP victory in Docklands

Twenty-years ago, people were waking up to news of a momentous event in British politics. The previous day, a small by-election had taken place on the Isle of Dogs, and for the very first time ever, a member of the British Nationalist Party had won an election.

Next to the Blackwall Tunnel – the East India Docks Commemoration Plaque

If you were to stand near to the monstrous road network that is the northern end of the Blackwall tunnels, you might come across a gigantic stone plaque on a wall.

The docklands church built from bits of Old London Bridge

Around 160 years ago, a gleaming white Christian edifice was erected at the southernmost end of the Isle of Dogs that is rumoured to include remains of the old London Bridge in its structure.

Tall Towers Appear in Docklands and Greenwich

Regular users of Millwall Park at the bottom end of the Isle of Dogs may have been surprised to see a tall lattice tower suddenly arrive over the past few days and spring upwards. A flapping notice on one of

New lifts at Greenwich foot tunnel – impress and depress at once

For the past year or so, the foot tunnel that runs under the Thames between the Isle of Dog and Greenwich has had the lifts out of action, and the staircase covered up in so much cladding that it is

Boris Bike stand maps ignoring the River Thames

The Boris Bikes are coming to the Isle of Dogs and in doing so, showing up the fallacy of using walking/cycling distance indicators that ignore the Thames. In central London, where bridges are plentiful, then the river is hardly a

The Isle of Dogs Declares Independence from the UK

Following on from the rather dubious Mayoral election yesterday in Tower Hamlets, some people living on the Isle of Dogs (well, probably just me) might be wondering if we can be cut free from the rest of the Borough and

River fortifications in Elizabeathan times

A few months ago, when collecting leaflets in the (now closed) tourist board centre in Greenwich, I purchased a book of Docklands history, published by The Island History Trust – mainly as it had two maps which really caught my