Bethnal Green - Latest news, articles and photos

London’s Alleys: Sebright Passage, E2

This is an alley way leading to a well known local pub, and was named after a rich philanthropist who left land around here to charity.

London’s Pocket Parks: Paradise Gardens, E2

This thin strip of land next to the busy roads of Bethnal Green is the rather inappropriately named Paradise Gardens.

London’s Public Art: Weaving Identities

A tall metal sculpture stands in a public park, holding up a couple of CCTVs that keep an eye on the area.

A hidden chapel and roof terrace to open to the public

Hidden under scaffolding lies one of East London’s marvels, and soon it will be unveiled once more.

The special tiles at London Underground’s Bethnal Green station

Bethnal Green tube station is notable for three things – a disaster, a clock, and some tiles — and today I am going to talk about the tiles.

Finding the Cyprus Street war memorial

On a rather fine looking side street in Bethnal Green can be found a surprisingly impressive, and well maintained war memorial to the dead of WW1.

London’s Alleys: Sugar Loaf Walk, E2

This is a rather bland, if convenient footpath in Bethnal Green, but one that marks ancient boundaries.

Tickets Alert: Hard hat tours of Bethnal Green’s Oxford House

A side street off busy Bethnal Green Road is home to a Victorian building that is undergoing refurbishment, and next month is a chance to go inside and have a look.

London’s Public Art: Bethnal Green’s Portrait Bench

Three rusting steel figures in silhouette stand mute watching people jogging past who barely glimpse at them.

The Post-War Plans to Rebuild Shoreditch & Bethnal Green

As World War Two started to approach what seemed to be its final conclusion, city planners turned their minds to the aftermath, and the rebuilding of homes and factories damaged by wartime bombing.

Bethnal Green Disaster Memorial gets £10k donation from TfL

The Bethnal Green Memorial fund, which you may recall has built half the memorial but still fund raising for the main piece has secured a £10,000 donation from TfL.

70th Anniversary of the Bethnal Green Disaster

At around half past eight tonight, it will be 70 years since the single largest loss of British civilian life during World War 2 – the Bethnal Green Disaster.

Two Churches and Two Stations in Bethnal Green

Bethnal Green sports two Churches with very notable and yet also very different representations of the Stations of the Cross. Both built within 80 years of each other, yet the older is also the younger, thanks to the after effects