Archeology - Latest news and reviews

Shoreditch’s Shakespearean theatre to be opened to the public

The remains of a Shakespearean theatre discovered under the streets of Shoreditch will be go on public display next year, as part of a new museum opening on the site.

Southwark’s Roman sarcophagus to go on display

Last year, a rare discovery was made in Southwark, of a Roman sarcophagus — and later this year it is to go on public display as part of a new exhibition.

Book review: The river’s tale: archaeology on the Thames foreshore

Ten years of archaeological discovery on the Thames has been explored in the first ever book by the Thames Discovery Programme.

From woolly mammoths to plague to marmalade – Crossrail’s legacy goes on display

A collection of some of the finest finds from the Crossrail archeology project have gone on display in a new exhibition in Canary Wharf.

New books about Crossrail archeology released

Five new books about the archeology uncovered during the Crossrail project have been published, to add to two previous books that were released earlier this year.

Crossrail holding talks about Bedlam excavations

Starting this week, Crossrail is hosting a weekly briefing on its archeology dig at Liverpool Street which aims to recover some 3,000 remains from the Bedlam burial site.