In the middle of a wide avenue by Shoreditch station stands three ropes threaded and frozen in space.

It’s art, and a memorial.

The threads, cast in bronze from three old hawsers used to haul ships, and in that you might expect this to be a memorial to the docks. But the use of rope was just for scale, for this is a representation of sewing threads, in memory of the textile industry.

If you can read it under the layers of graffiti paint and the stickers, there is a sign that explains what this sculpture is about.

“This sculpture by artists Tim and Hattie Coppard was erected in 1996 as part of the Bethnal Green City Challenge Regeneration Programme and marks one of the entrances to Brick Lane market.”

“The threads are a reminder of the importance of the garment and textile industries in this part of London and of the many communities who have lived and worked in the area.”

Being in the heart of Shoreditch, it’s now covered in stickers and paint, and seemingly little noticed by people hurrying past.

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