Vintage tube train trip – timetable published

You may recall that the little red 1938 era tube train is going to take a trip along the Picadilly Line this coming Sunday – well, actually three trips in total, to run down to Heathrow Airport.

The timetable has now been published for those who wish to watch from the sidelines as opposed to being inside the train (for which, tickets are still available – phone 020 7565 7298 for bookings).

At High Barnet - 1

As usual when photographing from a station – absolutely no use of tripods or flashes – and fingers crossed you choose a station where the staff are in a good mood (a few can be a bit irksome about photographers, alas).

Leaving Northfields on the Piccadilly line the train travels into London, to High Street Kensington via Earl’s Court. The the train will turn around and travel down to Heathrow before the return journey to Northfields.

Timetable for Sunday 19th June 2011

Passing ThroughJourney 1Journey 2Journey 3
Piccadilly Line 
Northfields (platform 4)09:1011:2614:10
Acton Town09:1511:3114:15
District Line 
Turnham Green09:1911:3514:19
West Kensington09:2711:4314:27
Earl’s Court (platform 1)09:3011:4614:30
High Street Kensington arrive09:3411:5314:34
Earl’s Court09:4412:0114:44
West Kensington09:4612:0314:46
Turnham Green09:5612:1114:56
Piccadilly Line 
Acton Town10:0312:1615:03
Boston Manor10:1012:3015:10
Hounslow Central10:1712:3715:17
Hatton Cross10:2412:4415:24
Heathrow Terminal 410:2712:4715:27
Heathrow Terminals 1,2,310:3212:5215:32
Heathrow Terminal 510:3612:5615:36
Heathrow Terminals 1,2,310:4513:0515:45
Hatton Cross10:4813:0815:48
Hounslow Central10:5413:1415:54
Boston Manor11:0113:2116:01
Northfields (platform 4)11:0313:2316:03

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