I am about to do a diamond geezer style fisk of a press release that has just arrived and made me blink in some disbelief.

In my work job I have to process several hundred releases per day (usually skimming headlines), but  I now get an ever increasing number of press releases sent to me as a blogger – the majority of which are utterly irrelevant to me, but the below is possibly the worst press release I have ever seen, either at work or as a blogger.


I can see from your site that you’re interested in travelling and holidays and thought you might like to hear about one of London’s most vibrant areas; Westminster.

Holidays? When was the last time I wrote about going on holiday? Actually, when was the last time I took a holiday?

Westminster has a huge variety of things to do and places to see. Head to the famous Big Ben and Houses of Parliament, or check out some art at the Tate Modern. If you fancy chilling out with some music, try the Southbank Centre.

Wow, sounds wonderful. Difficult to believe I have lived in London all this time and haven’t heard of the Houses of Parliament before. I wonder what that tall tower and archive I was in the other day – or the visit to a tall clock tower – or the place I visit on regular occasions for vaguely political meetings?

This Westminster place sounds incredible – I am so glad they told me about it.

For an array of great shops, restaurants and bars why not go to Lower Marsh. This historic area is one of London’s hidden gems. Sample Thai, Japanese and Italian food at its various restaurants or shop around for clothes and books. Relax in the evening in the Cubano Bar with some live salsa or watch a play at the Old Vic theatre.

Shops? Who’d a thought that London would have such a thing. And restaurants – wow!

Where better to stay to enjoy all that Westminster has to offer than <cheap hotel firm>’s newest hotel, opening up on August 30th. Located just 10 metres from Lambeth North tube station and only a 5 minute walk from Waterloo railway station, the brand new hotel is in the perfect spot to enjoy London. <cheap hotel firm> is a low cost hotel solution, offering rooms from £35 a night in the heart of the capital. Head to our Facebook page at <cheap hotel firm can’t afford a proper website> to find out more (and don’t forget to Like the page!)

A hotel solution? Must send that to Private Eye for them for their regular solutions mockery section.

It’s pretty obvious that Sally at <award winning pr firm> couldn’t be bothered to read my blog properly – otherwise not only would she have sent me this pile of drivel, but she would also know that I live in London, and even if I did write about travel, it is going to be about places I travel to – not my home town.



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  1. Paul M says:

    Someone should tell Southwark that Westminster have co-opted the Tate Modern, South Bank Centre and the Old Vic. I don’t think they’ll be pleased.

  2. Ian Freeman says:

    Absolute drivel. It gives those of us who strive to write interesting and relevant releases the worst of names. I remember the days hotel PRs would take pride in their work – alas, it was a while ago.

  3. Joe D says:

    I doubt they read your site at all. You must be on some list, in the category “Travel and places”, available for £50 a go.

  4. I’m collecting “Apologies” emails from PR folk.
    Sally added to my collection today.

  5. Lisa Hirsch says:

    Oh, good lord. (rolling my eyes mightily)

    I’ve gotten enough inept PR via my classical music blog that I finally published a set of publicity basics. They’re here – that link will bring up two postings on the subject.

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