Oxford Circus tube station has had a temporary makeover to promote the launch of Sony’s new Playstation 5 games console.

For just two days, (Wed 18th and Thur 19th Nov) Playstation games button icons are appearing on the platforms for all three tube lines. It’s not a full takeover with all the adverts replaced and the like, just a placement next to the tube roundel in selected areas on each platform.

More visually impressive though, they’ve also put illuminated signs at the street entrances. I’ll leave it to you to decide if they chose Oxford Cirus because it’s right next to Microsoft’s flagship store in London.

There are the four shapes – the square, triangle and cross — and the circle represented by the London Underground roundel. The roundel looks slightly different from the one normally on the pole, so was likely made especially for this event, so that they have the full set for the Sony office when the temporary signs are removed.

The signs were all installed last night. They’re quite big.

(c) Sony

Arguably, for a product that’s already sold out at a time when hardly anyone is in central London, some may say this is not a good time for a publicity stunt — but then again, people are tweeting and writing about it.

A few curmudgeons* aside, it’s raised a smile amongst PlayStation fans — and it is just for a couple of days.

The street signs also light up at night.

The signs were all made on the Isle of Wight, by the long standing London Underground sign maker, A.J Wells, who apart from making tube signs, also sell a nice range of roundel coffee tables.

In addition, four other Underground stations across London have been temporarily renamed:

  • Mile End station pays homage to Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales by becoming Miles End
  • Lancaster Gate becomes Ratchet and Clankaster Gate
  • Seven Sisters has been renamed Gran Turismo 7 Sisters
  • West Ham station has become Horizon Forbidden West Ham

The Oxford Circus takeover is live on 18th and 19th November. The takeovers at Mile End, Lancaster Gate, Seven Sisters and West Ham will be live from 18th November until 16th December.

During the national lockdown, those wishing to see these takeovers should only do so as part of a journey for work, education or other essential services.

Julie Dixon, Head of Customer Information, Design & Partnerships at Transport for London (TfL) said: “This fantastic partnership is a great example of how brands can work with us to use our stations and globally recognised roundels in a fun and creative way. Activities like this help us invest in the transport network for the benefit of all of our customers.”

UPDATE – it’s been confirmed that TfL earned £280,000 for the 2-day event at Oxford Circus, and an additional £40,000 for the signs at other tube stations. Sony also covered the £100,000 cost of providing all the promotional kit, which it got to keep afterwards.

*I was told by one person to go and read more books, which is amusing as my bookshelves have just this week filled up and I am now eying a way of cramming more books onto them.


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  1. Lee says:

    Really great idea by playstation on this one. They’ve even made sure to be sneaky enough to put the square “button” next to Microsoft’s office there! Coincidence? I think not!

  2. Andrew Gwilt says:

    I’m keeping my PlayStation 4 for little bit longer but I’m hoping to get a PlayStation 5 for my birthday next year. And I still got my PlayStation 3 which I haven’t used in such a long time but I am selling it to get bit more money.

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