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Unseen photos of London’s construction history

An archive of old photographs has been digitised by Historic England that reveal fascinating images of construction sites in the past.

Last chance to see the Raphael cartoons for a long time

This year marks the 500th anniversary of Raphael’s death, and oddly, the V&A has decided to close it's Raphael Court for most of the year.

Visit – Eltham Palace

Down in suburban South-East London is a building that managed to blend Medieval palace, art-deco design and a castle-like moat into one perfect home - this is Eltham Palace.

Early porcelain head goes on display at the V&A

An exceptionally rare porcelain sculpture, made in London in the 1740s, and rediscovered in a French flea market has gone on display in the V&A.

Syd’s century old coffee stall is saved

For three generations, Syd's coffee stall has been serving up hot drinks and food in Shoreditch, but tomorrow it closes for the last time.

The 600th anniversary of the Christmas tree

This year marks the 600th anniversary of the earliest known reference to a Christmas tree. Maybe.

Crossrail unveils a Dead Man’s Penny

A new plaque has been unveiled outside Crossrail's Woolwich station featuring a so-called Dead Man's Penny, given to the next of kin of those killed during WW1.

Map of London’s buried archeology

Another of those maps that will soak up a few hours randomly zooming around - a map of prehistoric to medieval archeology under London.

An Italian drawing of the Great Fire of London for sale

A print made in Italy around a decade after the Great Fire of London is up for sale, and shows the conflagration at its height.

Statue of Queen Alexandra in Whitechapel

A rather grand bronze statue can be found stranded and surrounded by modern buildings in Whitechapel.

London Underground shows off the story of Marble Arch

A new display inside the subway at Marble Arch tube station has been created to show off history of the Marble Arch that sits above it.

Visit Chelsea’s Caryle’s House

In a side street in posh Chelsea can be found a nice but otherwise ordinary house, but to step inside is to step into a Victorian time capsule.

Was Buckingham Palace built on the site of a gay brothel?

There is a story that does the rounds, that the site currently occupied by Buckingham Palace was once a gay brothel.

The King Edward VII Jewish Memorial Drinking Fountain

Surrounded by a market that fills the street can be found what looks like an old memorial stone, but is much more interesting than that.

London’s largest ever Bronze Age hoard discovered

The largest ever Bronze Age hoard to be discovered in London, and the third largest of its kind in the UK, has been unearthed in Havering. A total of 453 bronze objects dating between c.900 and c.800 BC have been