London Underground will be running one of their farewell tours that they have been organising whenever a train model goes out of service.

The tour next month is for one of the last C-Stock trains that are being replaced with the swish new walk-through trains.

The tour will take the old C-Stock train along the Metropolitan line,, the District line and finishing on the Hammersmith and City line.

Unsurprisingly, it can’t fit into any of the deep level tunnels, but they will run it along part of the Piccadilly line that is above ground, so there will be a sort of tube-geek joy in seeing the wrong train on the wrong lines at least for part of the tour.

These events tend to be a bit weird, a very long commute on a train lasting a very long time, but they can be quite good fun, and a very rare chance to do such a thing.


As of  23 February C Stock workings were reduced to 4 Wimbledon-Edgware Road trains, with 8 trains left in total.

The farewell trip will take place on 13th April, and will last all day.

Tickets have gone on sale at the Transport Museum website or call 0207 565 7298.

Seats for the day cost £40.

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2 comments on “Take a “Farewell Tour” around the Tube Network
  1. Greg Tingey says:

    Unlike the “A” stock, which I was sorry to see go (Comfy seats, & enough of them …..)
    I won’t regret the passing of the “C” at all

  2. Colin Lock says:

    I don’t mind standing up on the Circle/H & C unlike the Met. so this should be an improvement.

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