Flying boat to fly over Tower Bridge

An exceptionally rare sight — as the UK’s only air-worthy heritage flying boat will fly along the Thames next week, and over Tower Bridge.


In fact, they at least once landed on the Thames and passed through Tower Bridge, but I doubt we would be that lucky this time.

The event is to mark the 100th anniversary of a Daily Mail’s Round Britain Race back in the days when the newspaper used to sponsor a lot of aeronautical feats of endurance.

It also happens to be the 70th birthday of the specific flying boat that will make the flypast.

What will happen next week is that the Catalina G-PBYA flying boat, which is currently based at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford will start a 5 day tour around the UK, deviating from the original route in order to fly over some significant landmarks.

Weather depending, the plane should fly over Tower Bridge at 10:50am next Wednesday (21st Aug) and then fly along the Thames to Kingston (10.55), down to Chessington then over to Weybridge (11am), before heading down to Southampton.

It returns on Sunday reversing the same route and passing over Tower Bridge at around 4:15pm.

For photographers then, two chances to catch the flying boat over Tower Bridge, from both sides.

…and passing various London landmarks, depending on how low the boat is allowed to go.

Update: Looks like the plane wont be that low after all, lowest approach being 1,400 feet, which is higher than The Shard. Alas.

Now, how about landing it in the river?

6 thoughts on “Flying boat to fly over Tower Bridge

  1. Lovely, I’ll look out for it! It would be great if it did a chitty chitty bang bang style drop in the river, though It’ll add a lot of difference to the London skyline!

  2. Nice to see the Catalina, a little disappointed that it flew over Tower Bridge at 90 degrees to the river. A very short glimpse.


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